By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 22, 2014 3:55 AM

Hypocrisy is the subplot to the 537 Consulting LLC story. Did anyone else notice?

By: Michael Barone | Posted: July 22, 2014 3:55 AM
"Why do you think President Obama's job rating is falling, even though the economy is recovering?" the interviewer asked.

It's a fair question, even though the economy declined 2.9 percent in the first quarter, even though most jobs created in June were part-time, and even though labor force participation remains low.
By: Mona Charen | Posted: July 21, 2014 3:55 AM
You needn't be clairvoyant to deduce what the Democratic Party wants to run on in 2016. It really doesn't matter whether their nominee is Hillary Clinton or someone else. Democrats won't be campaigning on the thriving economy under President Barack Obama, global stability under American leadership, the successful routing of al-Qaida or Obamacare. No, the Democratic Party is the ladies' party now -- dependent completely on the lopsided votes of single females for their electoral success. To the degree possible, 2016 will be about women's sex lives and who should pay for IUDs.
Guest Column
By: Leslie Wimes | Posted: July 22, 2014 11:00 AM

Now that the story about a suspect contract Annette Taddeo, as chair of the Miami-Dade DEC, made with her executive director, Juan Cuba, is out, and while the likes of Pam Bondi, and whoever else, is looking into said contract (as well she should), I have a rather pressing question.

By: Lloyd Brown | Posted: July 22, 2014 3:55 AM

An election is coming. The indicator is not the number of robins or the actions of a groundhog, but the fact that liberals are dealing race cards right and left.

Guest Column
By: Phil Kerpen | Posted: July 22, 2014 3:55 AM

Liberal megadonor Tom Steyer, failing to raise any significant outside money for his global warming super-PAC, turned to one of his San Francisco neighbors for a million-dollar check. It was Herb Sandler, the subprime mortgage lender at the heart of the housing crisis, and like Steyer a huge hypocrite.

Posted: July 22, 2014 3:55 AM