Alcee Hastings Rallies Democrats Against John Boehner in Primary's Final Days

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: August 19, 2014 3:55 AM
Alcee Hastings and John Boehner

Alcee Hastings and John Boehner

Facing two serious challengers in the primary next week, Alcee Hastings has found a way to rally Democrats to his banner by going after John Boehner. 

Hastings has been stringing together electoral wins for more than two decades and he has a pretty secure grip on one of the most Democratic districts in the nation. But he has two major opponents this time out in Jean Enright, who sits on the Palm Beach County Port Commission, and former heavyweight boxing star Jameel McCline. Hastings should handle both of them though neither is an easy out.

But Hastings is looking to push back against Boeher’s lawsuit against Barack Obama. In fact, Hastings has been calling for a counter lawsuit against Boehner for suing Obama.

Democrats will, of course, rally behind Hastings’ proposal. But Republicans would welcome Hastings as the Democratic face against Boehner’s lawsuit. After all, back in 1988, Hastings was impeached by the Democratic-controlled U.S. House due to bribery and perjury with only three congressmen voting against his removal as a federal judge.

Hastings simply isn’t who the Democrats want out front and center on this issue and he has been a target for Republicans before. Back in 2010, before Republicans won back the House, Boehner had a field day against Hastings, releasing a video in which the Florida congressman said the Democrats in charge of the House made the rules up as they went along.

In the primary next week, Hastings should easily fend off both Enright and McCline. How large a margin Hastings wins by could impact his future as other Democrats look to move up to a very secure seat. Hastings has been around for decades. He lost to Lawton Chiles in a Senate primary all the way back in 1970 and has had a firm grasp on his congressional seat since winning it for the first time in 1992.

Hastings is now 77 but it’s tough to imagine him leaving anytime soon on his own accord. Neither Enright nor McCline is a political heavyweight but they aren’t pushovers by any stretch. They are dividing the anti-Hastings vote which should help the congressmen cruise to another term.

But a narrower win might not help Hastings in the long haul. Hastings has made a few gaffes over the years and he’s shot himself in the foot over everything from Sarah Palin to nepotism to facing sexual harassment accusations. Ambitious Democrats looking to move up the ladder will be taking notes on how Hastings does next week.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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Glenn Koons
1:21PM AUG 19TH 2014
Years ago this was a corrupt judge we are discussing. Remember? Apparently black voters keep electing AH because he outrageously supports their socialist needs. Year after year, this guy and other lib Dems keep winning and then the media asks, why are there no real changes in America. Stop voting for libs like AH and domestically and internationally, America will be stronger.
7:24AM AUG 23RD 2014
Glenn you seem to forget AH represents white rich Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Not exactly the conclaves of the black socialist voter you wanted to portray.
The Swampfox
8:57AM AUG 19TH 2014
Alcee Hastings is no different than the thugs in Ferguson MO. The only difference Alcee does his stealing with a suit & tie instead of baggy pants and a hat cocked to one side of his head. This is what the Democratic party elects in Florida???? It sure says a lot about his district, perhaps this should be a wake up call for moderate democrats, independents and blanks to rethink their position about voting along party lines and voting democrat! If you have been shaking your head the past several years asking yourself where is this country going to, the answer is "Hell." That is because the voting of such officials like Alcee Hastings needs to cease. Its stupid and careless, more important it violates the security of our country think about your children's future for a change....and make the change!

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