Jacksonville Congressmen Score Endorsements Right Before Primaries

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: August 21, 2014 3:55 AM
Ander Crenshaw, Daniel Davis, Corrine Brown

Ander Crenshaw, Daniel Davis, Corrine Brown

Two longtime congressional representatives from Jacksonville bolstered their support this week by reeling in some major endorsements as they seek to continue their service in Washington. 

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce launched a federal PAC -- the Jacksonville Chamber Committee for Good Government -- and endorsed two veterans of Florida politics on Wednesday in Republican Ander Crenshaw and Democrat Corrine Brown.  

Crenshaw is facing a serious primary challenge from retired Navy Capt. Ryman Shoaf, a former aide to U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., in next week’s primary. Brown doesn’t face any Democratic foes but former gubernatorial aide Glo Smith battles businesswoman Twee Lowe in the Republican primary. Neither of these races is expected to be competitive come November.

Rep. Daniel  Davis, R-Jacksonville, the president and CEO of the Jacksonville Chamber, explained why the group was backing the two members of Congress and why the group was wading into federal affairs. Davis, who is retiring from the Florida House this year to focus on leading the Jacksonville Chamber, pointed to the most recent efforts to improve the St. Johns River for the Panama Canal expansion.

“As the Jacksonville Chamber gets more involved in policy issues – most notably the economic development project to deepen the St. Johns River to 47 feet – it made sense to be more involved at the federal level," Davis said.

“It was critical to rally local business leaders and elected officials in the efforts to get the harbor deepening project approved, but we know it could not happen without our congressional delegation,” Davis added. “Congressman Crenshaw and Congresswoman Brown are excellent partners in Washington, fighting to improve our local economy, and we wanted to show our support for their hard work.”

Crenshaw got some additional support on Wednesday from the Tea Party of Florida, a minor political party which was urging Republicans to support him over Shoaf.

“Congressman Ander Crenshaw strongly supports less taxes, less government and more individual freedom and has served with honor and distinction in the U.S. Congress,” said John Ferentinos, the state chairman of the Tea Party of Florida. “We urge all voters who are conservative and support traditional values to vote for Ander Crenshaw in the August 26, 2014, primary.”

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Valerie Parkhurst
5:37AM AUG 25TH 2014
I cringe when I see Corrine Brown appear and speak about anything. All one has to do is see video of her on the VA hearings and America must be asking themselves "Did Floridians actually VOTE for this woman"? This is affirmative action at its highest failure.
there are really no parties
8:27AM AUG 22ND 2014
The only two authorized political parties in the US Republicans and Democrats are really nothing more than a divide and conquer technique like the three up side down cups used by the magicians.

The shadow government owns and controls both sides of the isle!

Why do you think the Florida Repubs have protected Corrine Brown's district twice now in their organized corruption of congressional map drawing? She play the game very well, just like Obama plays their game.

GW Bush and his No Child Left Behind Act - funding for Jeb's Common Core NWO programming for America's youth!

Their brother Obama and his Race to the Top funding for Jeb's Common Core NWO programming for America's youth!

And let us not forget the 2009 Obama stimulus package that not only contained more "funding for Jeb's Common Core NWO programming for America's youth" but also bailed out more of the Bush family's Wall Street firms and friends like AIG. Ask yourself why did the taxpayers bail out AIG an insurance company? Why did we bail out the Wall Street banks?

Let's see the US taxpayers borrowed money from "the Federal Reserve" a private corporation owned by EIGHT FAMILIES and used that norrowed money to "rescue the Wall Street bankers" owned by the same EIGHT FAMILIES. the same eight families own 96% of the world media outlets much of it controlled to this day by Michael Eisner the man hired by Gov Rick Scott and Bush boys partner Richard Rainwater to run Disney.

Man oh man or woman oh woman, it's still a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for, YET!
12:42AM AUG 22ND 2014
You are kidding right? Davis and the Chamber endorsed Brown? It must be Davis has made his deal to be Mayor in 4 years since Lenny Curry, (who?) will be whipped bad by Alvin.

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