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Rick Scott Repeats Pledge of 700,000 Jobs in 7 Years

Gov. Rick Scott reasserted Friday his campaign pledge to create 700,000 jobs in seven years. In a release posted on the governors website Friday, Scott responded to critics who have questioned if he had changed his seven-step economic campaign promise.

Several Florida newspapers have recently pointed out that on the campaign trail, Scott had said the jobs would be in addition to normal growth.

Read the entire release below:

Statement from Governor Rick Scott: 700,000 jobs in Seven Years: Setting the Record Straight.

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Student Ballot Implores FSU President to Refuse Tuition Hikes

Florida State University students will be asked next week to urge FSU President Eric Barron to refuse further increases in tuition.

A tuition increase referendum is on the ballot as part of the Student Government Association's elections on Wednesday.

Tuition was raised 15 percent for in-state undergraduate students at all 11 public universities in the spring.

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National Unemployment Remains at 14 Million Out of Work

Unemployment held at 9.1 percent for September, with roughly 14 million listed as unemployed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

Employers added 103,000 workers, mostly in health care and other professional services, due in part to 45,000 telecommunications workers returning to payrolls after being on strike in August.

Meanwhile, federal, state and local government jobs continue to be cut, dropping 34,000 in September. The U.S. Postal Service eliminated 5,000 positions.

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Zogby Poll: Cain Up 20% on GOP Field, Tops Obama

Businessman and author Herman Cain has opened a 20-point lead over the rest of the Republican field and he would be the only GOP candidate to defeat President Obama if the election were held today, according to the latest IBOPE Zogby interactive poll.

The numbers offer a vastly different snapshot from other polls released this week.

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Rick Scott to Meet with Two Newspaper Editorial Boards

Gov. Rick Scott has a pair of newspaper editorial board sit-downs on his schedule for Friday.

A week after meeting for an hour with the Sun-Sentinel editorial board, Scott is expected to visit two papers from his hometown area.

According to his schedule, at 2 p.m. Scott will be at the Naples Daily News and at 4 p.m. he's to appear before the Fort Myers News-Press.

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Scott Travels to Washington in Support of Florida's Everglades

Gov. Rick Scott, along with the state Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Herschel Vinyard Jr. and the South Florida Water Management District Executive Director Melissa Meeker, traveled to Washington on Thursday in support of Floridas Everglades.

During a meeting of state and federal principals, Scott presented the states restoration efforts on lands already in public ownership and offered to help with federal water flow projects in the Everglades, the governor's office reported.

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Lloyds of London Signs as Reinsurer in Florida

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has signed a consent order that allows underwriters at Lloyds of London to operate in Florida as a reinsurer.

Lloyds is committed to providing insurance and reinsurance to protect people and businesses in Florida, Sean McGovern, general counsel and director of Lloyds America, stated in a release.

McGovern added that the state office has given us a clear signal that Florida is pro-business and actively encouraging investment.

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Haridopolos Concerned About Chinese Oil-Drilling Off Cuba

Sen. President Mike Haridopolos pushed off to his successor at least for now -- talk of reopening the waters off Floridas coasts to oil exploration.

But he cautioned that the state and nation need to keep an eye on Chinese oil-drilling off Cuba.

The concern I do have off the island of Cuba -- the Chinese are in the process of putting rigs there, with the support of the Cuban people, at least the Cuban government, Haridopolos told reporters during a sit-down with the media Thursday in the presidents conference room.

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Haridopolos: Tea Party Capitol Space is Temporary

Senate President Mike Haridopolos clarified that the Tea Party Networks presence in the Capitol is only temporary.

They are not going to have a full-time office in the Florida Senate, Haridopolos said Thursday.

The Tea Party Network, a coalition of 70 tea and patriot groups around Florida, had announced it was holding a grand opening of its Tallahassee headquarters in a Senate office building meeting room on Thursday and Friday.

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Budget Shortfall Potentially on Horizon for State Legislators

With revenues below projections for the past couple of several months, state legislators may have to confront a budget shortfall for the coming fiscal year that could reach $2 billion to $3 billion.

Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, said legislators may now be faced with such numbers as he commented on the future of funding for a state-sponsored drug treatment program during a Senate Justice Appropriations Committee meeting Thursday.

Bennett said shortfall numbers had been discussed during a morning meeting with Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

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