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Rick Scott Appoints Rollins, Wortman to Citizens Board

Gov. Rick Scott filled two remaining positions on the eight-member Citizens Property Insurance Corp. board of governors with the appointments of John Rollins and John Wortman on Tuesday.

According to the release from the governors office:

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Mike Haridopolos 'At Peace' With Potential Impact of Early Primary

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos is at peace with the idea that Florida may have to exchange delegates at the national convention for having an early primary.

Id much rather have a say in who the nominee (is) as opposed to just coronating the winner at the convention, said Haridopolos. There really hasnt been a convention that really picked a president in a long, long time.

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Citizens' Own Sinkhole Cap Factored in Lowered Rate

Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty said the actions of the board of directors of Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the night before a public hearing last week in Tampa, factored into the lower sinkhole rate.

If you look at what Citizens board members did the Monday (Sept. 12) before that hearing, they put in a cap, and what they put in the cap is very similar to what we ultimately approved, McCarty said.

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Jeff Atwater Says Citizens Sinkhole Request was Too Aggressive

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater, saying Citizens had been too aggressive, applauded the Office of Insurance Regulation for reducing the requested sinkhole rate hike from an average of 447 percent to 32.8 percent.

I thought it was a very solid ruling, Atwater said. This was too aggressive a rate increase that was being asked for.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation declared Monday night that the rate hike was not supported by credible evidence from Citizens to meet Florida Statutes meriting the hike.

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A First Five Primary OK with Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott said Florida shouldnt have to face a party penalty for keeping itself early in the primary process.

The state may look to schedule its vote before Feb. 28, putting itself on the calendar before Arizona, but after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

If you add up all the delegates and the number of people who live in the four states before us, were still larger, Scott said Monday. Were a diverse state; you have to win the state to win the presidency. We should be early and we shouldnt lose our delegates.

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Joe Negron Remains 'Encouraged' on Federal Medicaid Talks

Medicaid costs could grow another $300 million in Floridas next fiscal-year budget.

Still, Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, said Monday hes been encouraged with the states ongoing talks with the federal government regarding the future of the program in Florida.

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Citizens Rate Hike Remains Under Review Beyond Deadline

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation continued calculating into the night numbers on the sinkhole rate hike proposal from Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

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Gov. Rick Scott: Florida needs more Republicans

Gov. Rick Scott says theGOP needs to out-register Democrats in Florida.

One thing Ive really focused (on) at the party is we have a disadvantage to the Democrats right from the standpoint of the number (of) registered voters, Scott said. One thing I want the party to do is to make sure we do a better job in getting more registered voters, Republican registered voters, because long-term that's going to be very important.

Of Florida's 11.17 million registered voters, as of Aug. 11, 4.01 million are Republican and 4.6 million are Democrats.

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Don Gaetz Gives Senators Three Challenges

In accepting the appointment as Senate president-designate, Sen. Don Gaetz called the times hard and challenged his fellow senator to:

1. Behave in a way people sent us here expect. Set highest ethical standards and outwork the bureaucrats. Let there never be a time when the people of Florida are ashamed of their political leaders, Gaetz said.

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Joe Negron: 'Caylee's Law' Review Won’t Second-Guess Jury

Bills that seek to create a law that would have allowed an Orlando mother to be punished for failing to timely report her daughter missing, and who was later found dead, will be reviewed based on need, not emotion.

Nor will the committee play Monday morning quarterback of the prosecutor who initially charged Casey Anthony with child neglect, only to decide not to include that charge when presenting the case to the jury.

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