Adam Hasner Hammers Obama on Health Care, Calls for Repeal

Former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, now running in a crowded Republican primary to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012, came out swinging against the federal health-care law backed by President Barack Obama. On Wednesday morning, noting that oral arguments would begin in the constitutional challenge launched by Florida and other states against the law, Hasner insisted the health-care law was undermining economic recovery.

"Today, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal in Atlanta will hear oral arguments from 26 states seeking to overturn President Obama and Senator Bill Nelson's unconstitutional health-care takeover. Led by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, the states have already won significant legal victories against this overreach by the federal government,” said Hasner. "Attorney General Bondi is right to focus on the need for states to protect and defend the individual liberties of their citizens, as well as preserve the constitutional principle of limited government. But there is an important economic component to defeating Obamacare, as well.

"Implementation of Obamacare has played a major role in prolonging our country's economic challenges. Earlier this year, the head of the Congressional Budget Office testified before Congress that implementation of Obamacare would cost 800,000 jobs. Here in Florida, nearly 1 million Floridians are already out of work and the myriad regulations, taxes, and rules contained in Obamacare have only caused more worry and hesitation among the small-business men and women and job creators I've met with during the past three months,” added Hasner. "Individual liberty and limited government are paramount toward the defeat of Obamacare, but we should also never forget the incredible toll this massive overreach of government will take on our economic freedoms, as well. Getting Florida and America back to work requires expanding economic freedoms, and getting Washington regulations out of the way of job creators. There's no better place to start than by defeating Obamacare in the courts and repealing it in Congress."

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6:03PM JUN 9TH 2011
Hasner's suggestion that health reform will "will cost 800,000 jobs" is a shocking misrepresentation of what CBO and its Director, Doug Elmendorf, actually concluded. According to the CBO report, health reform will lower the costs of obtaining individual health insurance so much that some people who had previously taken jobs solely in order to obtain health insurance will choose not to work. If the lower cost of individual insurance means that a mother can stay home to look after her kids, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. And it certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with "costing 800,000 jobs". Hasner - like so many participants in the right wing echo chamber - has gotten this point 180 degrees wrong.

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