Adam Putnam's Energy Bill to be Law sans Rick Scott's Signature

Gov. Rick Scott will allow the energy bill crafted by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to become law without signing the legislation, HB 7117.

Scott declared in a letter to Secretary of State Ken Detzner that he had mixed feeling about the bill, supporting the pro-business reforms but questioning targeted tax credits that have been opposed by groups such as Americans for Prosperity-Florida.

"I look forward to reviewing the analysis of returns to the taxpayers as a result of these tax credits," Scott wrote.

"In considering this analysis, it is my goal to ensure that any investment on behalf of Florida taxpayers in renewable energy would afford them the kind of return they would expect of their tax dollars. Absent clear documentation that the proposed tax credits have produced a sufficient return or provided significant cost savings for the state’s taxpayers, I will request their repeal."

More to come.
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Jim B.
8:26PM APR 13TH 2012
This is what you get when you surround yourself with RINO's in your office. Thanks to "doing nothing" we will eventually have fuel that will cost more and burn faster. Failing manufacturing industries will indirectly be subsidised by our tax dollars.

By "doing nothing" he in effect did the same thing as signing it. Great job on the staff trying to spin this. However, if it looks like a pig, squeals like a pig, it is a pig and no amount of lipstick will dress it up.

It may have been a Republican bill and it may have been a Putnam bill but it was not a conservative bill.

Gov. Scott told us to hold him accountable. Well the evidence is becoming more clear. He is fast becoming the establishment.
7:46PM APR 13TH 2012
Hmmm. Pragmatism or cowardice?
7:46PM APR 13TH 2012
Hmmm. Pragmatism or cowardice?
7:48PM APR 13TH 2012
Sorry. The first time it said I got captcha wrong. Guess I didn't after all...

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