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Adrian Wyllie Resigns as Florida Libertarian Chairman

Adrian Wyllie has resigned his post as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) as he opposes the only Libertarian candidate currently running for the U.S. Senate in the Sunshine State in 2016.

Independent Political Report broke the news that Wyllie, who had been the party’s gubernatorial candidate in 2014, announced his resignation on Wednesday. 

“It has become clear that my attempt to defend the party from the violent fascists is now perceived by many members to be more dangerous to the party than the threat itself,” Wyllie announced in an email. “Therefore, I resign as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida. I resign from all posts in the LPF. I withdraw my membership in the LPF. All actions are effective immediately.

“I once believed this party would always stand unwavering to defend our core principles,” Wyllie added. “I now know there is little left to defend.”

Wyllie’s resignation came after a motion of no confidence was directed against him but swatted down by the executive committee of the LPF. The motion focused on Wyllie’s outspoke opposition to Augustus Invictus, the only candidate so far for the party’s nomination in the 2016 U.S. Senate race. There is considerable buzz that Republican strategist Roger Stone could run as the Libertarian candidate in 2016 Senate race. 

Speaking to Sunshine State News on Thursday, Wyllie said he resigned his post due to his opposition to Invictus. 

“I was incapable of remaining silent over the threat to the party,” Wyllie said, insisting Invictus and his supporters were “fascists” and pointing to his support of eugenics. 

This motion of no confidence failing led LPF Vice-Chair Lynn House to resign. 

“Because ten member of the EC have voted to support the chair’s position that he may speak for the LPF on matters of his personal opinion without approval from the EC, and in doing so have willfully voted to violate Bylaw provision Article III, Section 3a and Standing Rule Article VIII, Section 1; because this is the second time the LPF has ignored its own rules, the first time being at convention when the delegates ignored provisions for previous notice; because our bylaws are a contract with the membership; because fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair gain; and because initiating fraud is a violation of the NAP, I find that the LPF EC has knowingly violated the terms of a contract and has defrauded the membership, thereby violating the NAP,” House wrote. “Therefore, I am in good conscious compelled to resign my position as Vice-Chair of the LPF EC, effective immediately. It is not my intention to resign my membership or change my voter registration. I would like to remain chair of the Membership Committee and active on the Communications Committee.”

Invictus, an Orlando attorney, weighed in late on Wednesday on Facebook.

“Today Adrian Wyllie announced his resignation as chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. I regret that Mr. Wyllie has had to step down. Despite what my detractors may believe, this was never my goal," Invictus wrote. “I urge my supporters not to gloat or to revel in any apparent ‘victory'- for truth be told, this is a loss for all of us, and a sad day for the party. Neither should my detractors fear retaliation or harassment. Though you have sought my banishment from the party, I will not seek yours. Though you have spent the past four months fuming with hatred for me, I want only constructive cooperation for the growth and betterment of the party.

“That all Libertarians might work together - whether members of the LPF or not - is my primary goal,” Invictus added. “America looks to the Libertarian Party as the hope for disrupting the two-party system, and we must pull together in order to have a chance at that. Therefore we must not seek to further divide ourselves with infighting and finger-pointing, bragging and pouting. We must let go of our differences and push forward, forgetting old hatreds and working toward a common goal. Fellow Libetarians, be not in dismay for the present crisis, but be hopeful for the future.”

Keep an eye on Sunshine State News for more on this story. 

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