AG Candidate Holly Benson Backs Bill McCollum for Governor

Former Agency for Health Care Adminstration Secretary Holly Benson, currently running in a close battle for the Republican attorney general nomination, endorsed Attorney General Bill McCollum over Rick Scott in the bitter contest to win the Republican gubernatorial nod.

“Republicans in Florida can count on Bill McCollum’s unwavering, conservative credentials,” said Benson.  “Just like Attorney General McCollum has stood up against Obamacare by leading the lawsuit against its implementation, he can be counted on to fight against Washington trampling on our state rights.”

Benson went all out in attacking Scott in her endorsement of McCollum.

“Over the past year, most of my focus has been on my campaign for attorney general; however, the recent alleged pattern of Rick Scott’s companies involved in defrauding the Medicare program has caused me serious concerns about him leading our party’s ticket in the fall,” said Benson. “As former secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration, I am alarmed by these allegations of fraud. Rick Scott should release his deposition.”

Benson also called on Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp and former Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi, her two rivals for the attorney general nomination, to join her in backing McCollum.

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