Allen West Bashes Congress, Looks Ahead to 2014

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West, a favorite of the tea party movement, ripped into Congress on Thursday, attacking the Democratic Senate and the Republican House for going into recess in August. West has opened the door to a political comeback in 2016.

“I’m disgusted by Congress,” West wrote in an email to supporters on Thursday. “No legislation worth mentioning has passed both chambers to reach the president's desk, but next week the House and the Senate will kick off their August recess anyway. Let me tell you -- the U.S. Army never granted me leave unless I had fulfilled my obligations, and I'm willing to guess your employer won't let you take vacation if you don't finish your work! So why are we letting Congress off the hook?”

West argued “Congress should cancel August recess” attacking its “inability to do anything ... cut spending, pass a budget, secure the border, protect religious liberty, uncover the truth about what happened in Benghazi.”

Looking ahead to his 2014 plans, West noted his Guardian Fund PAC will “recruit, support, and elect 12 hard-charging conservatives who will not only defend the Constitution, but also get the job done.”

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Tiger Locklear
10:22AM AUG 4TH 2013
I work every day the work is there, we are in a depression. Why is Allen the only one speaking out on this lack of responsibility.
7:01PM AUG 1ST 2013
I do think they should have to work 249 day just like any other person in America , I work 5, 6 days a week and many holidays they can too

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