Amendment 2 on Medical Marijuana Close to Passing, New Poll Shows

A new poll shows Amendment 2, a proposed Constitution amendment to expand medical marijuana use in Florida, is close to passing. A poll from the Florida Chamber of Commerce unveiled on Monday finds 58 percent of those surveyed back Amendment 2 while 36 percent oppose it. The amendment needs 60 percent support in the November ballot to pass.

The poll of 806 likely voters was taken by Cherry Communications for the Florida Chamber on June 11 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.

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Kim bartlett
3:06PM JUN 24TH 2014
this was made up from Rick Scott supporters no one else
Hugh Yonn
10:21AM JUN 24TH 2014
The only thing that can defeat Amendment 2 would be voter apathy. Please, don't depend on 'the other guy.' If you can still vote, please be there...

I can't help you. I lost my right to vote with a marijuana conviction. Don't let it happen to you...
Steve Edmonds
10:19AM JUN 24TH 2014
This is a chamber poll. About as accurate as a straw poll, which is to say its about as biased as it gets. These people (chambers) have been getting bombarded with false information to say no to amendment 2 for months.....and they still support it.
Hugh Stoner
7:36PM JUN 23RD 2014
It's about having freedom to choose, vote yes on 2
5:41PM JUN 23RD 2014
Since 6 percent did not vote. That means it's really a little over 61 percent of actual votes were yes. So with those numbers it still barely passes.

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