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American Nazi Party Urges Members to Join 'Occupy' Protests

In a development that will further stoke suspicions of "anti-Semitism" and roil the ranks of leftist protesters, the American Nazi Party is supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Media reports have noted anti-Jewish slogans at "Occupy" demonstrations around the country. And while the most vocal protesters come from the left end of the political spectrum, ANP leader Rocky Suhayda commended the cause.

"This issue is tailor made for National Socialists, as well as white nationalists who are serious about doing something more than shouting racial slurs and acting like poster-boys-of-hate loons," Suhayda posted on the group's website.

"More and more people are aware of [the] truth, are not only not afraid to talk about it -- they're shouting it on Wall Street."

Suhayda, who heads the party founded by the late George Lincoln Rockwell, goes on to urge Nazi Party members to "take part and join in when these protests hit your neck of the woods."

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