Anti-Common Core Coalition Puts Heat on Rick Scott, Pam Stewart

Florida Stop Common Core Coalition is putting pressure on Gov. Rick Scott and Pam Stewart over its disappointment about statements from Stewart on Florida's educational standards. On Friday, the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, a statewide coalition representing dozens of organizations and hundreds of thousands of Florida parents and citizens, sent a letter to the governor with copies to Commissioner Stewart, Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand, and the Legislature. The letter expressed disappointment over recent statements made by Stewart and the set hearings that would allow members of the public to give their input on Florida's education standards.

"Despite repeated assurances from your office that these hearings would be open and transparent and a good-faith effort to really change the standards, it appears that the citizens of Florida are going to be played once again," read the letter to the governor. 

In its letter, the FSCCC pointed to several reasons why the scheduled public hearings wouldn't be able to adequately gather public input on Florida's academic standards. Stewart made statements to the press that although there will be public hearings on the standards, she expects them to change very little. FSCCC also raised concerns that parents will only have three minutes to raise their concerns about education standards, "forcing them to wade through hundreds of pages of standards documents and become pedagogical experts in order to advocate for their children." 

The length of the hearings was also raised as an issue for FSCCC, who said three hours per hearing just won't give the public and experts enough time to testify about potential flaws of the standards or raise concerns about data privacy and testing.

Co-founder of the FSCCC, Dr. Karen Effrem, warned Scott about the potential backlash of coming to a predetermined outcome before members of the public were allowed to give their input on the standards 

"If you really want the things you put in your order and letters to happen and be effective, the hearings truly need to be open and transparent. You need to stop supporting the corporate interests that are manipulating Florida’s education system for their profit at the expense of our children," read the letter. "And you need to see that Representative Mayfield’s bill, HB 25, is faithfully carrying out the concepts that you say you wanted in those documents. Otherwise, be prepared for a major backlash."

Common Core State Standards are set to be fully implemented in Florida's schools by the 2014-2015 school year.  

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Willis Pebble
12:23AM OCT 11TH 2013
I am very disappointed in Governor Scott, I think he knows the common core is bad. I do not understand why he not being a leader on this. It could be to please Jeb Bush who is a well paid mouthpiece for Bill Gates, Pearson and the USDOE. Governor Scott should hang out with people like Rick Perry not Jeb Bush who worked against him in the 2010 primary and is paid millions to promote common core.
5:55PM OCT 6TH 2013
The Gov. is NOT making a good faith effort to hear the concerns of citizens. Only 3 hearings in a state the size of FL.? And those only 3 hours each?
Come on. The decision has already been made, and that's pretty obvious. The hearings are lip service only.
David Doan
5:00PM OCT 5TH 2013
I have the idea that the only thing these people will listen to is a very real threat to their reelection. I think that is the message that should be sent, if you don't stop Common Core in it's tracks we will do everything we can to see that you don't get reelected. That includes the Governor, the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate
Willis Pebble
12:27AM OCT 11TH 2013
That will happen, can you imaging what the teachers will do when they find out the assessments results will determine THEIR pay and tenure.

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