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Anti-Common Core Parent Group Endorses Debbie Mayfield for SD17

Debbie MayfieldOne of the state's anti-Common Core groups officially endorsed Rep. Debbie Mayfield, R-Vero Beach, for Florida's 17th Senate District on Friday.

Florida Parents Against Common Core, the state's largest parent-led group against the continued implementation of Common Core in Florida, said it would throw its weight behind Mayfield as she fights for SD 17. 

State director Luz Gonzalez told Sunshine State News about the endorsement Thursday.

"The decision to endorse Rep. Mayfield was determined by evidence of her consistent support of not only academically sound and student-centric education policy, devoic of the toxic assessment culture so many elected officials are willing to prioritize in our public school classrooms, but we parents will forever feel grateful for the validation she gave our movement and voices at the onset of our fight with both the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Legislature," FPACC state director Luz Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said Mayfield was the only legislator she saw at a Broward County FDOE hearing regarding the standards in 2013 and pointed to Mayfield's sponsorship of a bill to eliminate the implementation of Common Core as a display of her leadership skills.

See the full endorsement below.

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