'Anti-Sharia Bill' Passes Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee

The Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee has passed HB 351, formally titled "Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases" but more popularly referred to as an "Anti-Sharia Bill." The bill is modeled after legislation proposed by activist groups who claim Islamic law, which discriminates against women and non-Muslims, is stealthily encroaching upon the American judicial system.

The bill prohibits the enforcement by Florida courts of contracts, mediation agreements, or other voluntary settlements if those agreements are based "on any foreign law, legal code, or system that does not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision the same fundamental liberties, rights, and privileges guaranteed by the state Constitution or the United States Constitution."

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, passed on a party-line vote, with all nine Republicans supporting it and the panel's four Democrats opposing.

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Carol Geary
1:40PM FEB 9TH 2013
first they take over your Country and then put their laws into place for all people.
Paul Henry
1:09PM FEB 9TH 2013
We need to consider the genesis of this law. I've made this as short as possible, but short-attention span people will need to get back to twitter.

It took place in a Tampa courtroom, where a dispute had arisen between two members of a religious institution. The judge ruled that instead of spending tax dollars and hearing the case, which was based on aspects of that religion, he would not hear it and that they should follow their own religious practices.

What happened there?
1. The judge did not interfere in their religious practices.
2. The judge did not apply any foreign law in a Florida court case- there was no Florida court case.
3. The judge told them to follow their own religious law.

Now, let's look at this with the same circumstances and a different religion, and two different outcomes:
Two members of the Baptist church are in a disagreement over an internal church matter and one sues the other. The judge, realizing this is an internal church matter, refuses to hear the case and tells them to follow the rules/laws of the Baptist church in such matters.

Two members of the Baptist church are in a disagreement and one sues the other. The judge, despite this being an internal church matter, rules that the Baptist church must do things a certain way in such matters.

In the latter, the government via the judge has established a religious practice. If you want judges to follow the Constitution, then you'd see the Tampa decision was the correct one under the 1st Amendment.

Bills such as these are a waste of time, but for the short-attention span crowd that does not understand the ramifications the perception is the reality. There are many more important issues at hand for 2013 that the Legislature needs to deal with, such as nullifying unconstitutional federal edicts.
3:06AM FEB 9TH 2013
Jim Loveland: You obviously hate America and the freedoms we stand for. Otherwise you wouldnt be so blindly sycophantic for a fascist legal code that crushes the basic human rights of women, non-Muslims and especially ex-Muslims.

If you love a twisted system of injustice like Sharia Law so deeply, maybe you should move to an Islamic country like Saudi Arabia, where women are not even allowed to drive and are treated like cattle.

Apparently you hate women yourself...otherwise you wouldnt condone such a misogynist system as Islamic Sharia Law.
Jim Loveland
6:39PM FEB 8TH 2013
A terrible law. More bigotry and ignorance. Speaking of ignorance, just read the comments of these hicks in Florida who support such nonsense.
2:22PM FEB 10TH 2013
Mr. Loveland must not know anything about sharia law to want to see it introduced into our culture. Does he not notice how happy all of the Muslim countries are throughout the world? Obviously not. If it ever becomes law, he will wish that it weren't. It is interesting how the Left will always denigrate the opposition in lieu of good sound debate. What a fool!
S Hayes
9:00PM FEB 8TH 2013
Please tell us how it is bigoted to oppose religious law that does not treat women, gays, minorities and non Muslims equally?
S Hayes
5:09PM FEB 8TH 2013
What completely puzzles me is why Democrats would oppose such a law. This only protects the rights of Muslims living in this country from Sharia law rulings that would limit their constitutional rights. Who in the world do these representatives think they are protecting? Does the Democratic party want to protect tribal 14 century law? I can't believe it. The are woefully ignorant on this issue.
Ryan P
3:57PM FEB 8TH 2013
Yes! Another tiny win for the inteligence and wisdom! Sharia law is for the evil!
3:48PM FEB 8TH 2013
Great bill and I hope it passes the entiire Legislature. There are over 80 regional Sharia Courts in Britain, where Muslims are much more aggressive than in the US.

All you have to do to verify that is to Google the term "Sharia Courts Britain" and it will yield numerous articles.
Kat Gardner Brown
9:39AM FEB 8TH 2013
I agree with this and pray it passes.
Jamal Khan
6:32PM FEB 7TH 2013
This drama is being staged by GOP politicians for the sake of cheap votes from ignorant followers. There is no question of any other law being practiced in US courts. And if two parties want to use Sharia as a guidance for making private agreements there is squat that these latter day crusaders can do!
3:49PM FEB 8TH 2013
Jamal Khan: You sound like a member of the Saudi-funded Islamist front group CAIR. Are you doing volunteer work for them or are you on the payroll?
Jerry Hamilton
4:38PM FEB 7TH 2013
That's a problems we have with many immigrants today (especially muslims). They used to come to America wanting to become Americans. Now many come here wanting what America has to offer while hanging on to the things that screwed up the places they're escaping from in the first place. Any law that does not follow the US Constitution including international (UN) laws has no place in The United States of America!
dona m. kuch
4:38PM FEB 7TH 2013
If you have not lived in the Middle East you have NO idea how important and wonderful it is for Florida to make this a law. Three cheers for Florida and the clear thinking. And if their is anyone that would like to challenge this law...please move to the country where you feel the laws are better and let me know how that works out for you in two or three years.
3:30PM FEB 7TH 2013
Glad to hear that the Anti-Sharia law passed the Florida House Subcommittee
Terry Murphy
3:17PM FEB 7TH 2013
Good for them! No surprise to see the Dems supporting Sharia law. They should take their families and spend a full year living in a country under Sharia law; not as a privileged American, but actually abiding by ALL it's rules. Make sure to bring the wife & daughters as they will get a special pleasure out of it I'm sure.
Supporter of Freedom
4:23PM FEB 7TH 2013
Great idea Terry! Then they will see the true application of the Sharia LIFESTYLE, i.e. just courts, peaceful people, a government that is committed to serving its people in a just and peaceful way. Making thievery illegal? That's Shaira. Making sure that loans are repayed? That's Sharia. Monitoring food to make sure its safe to eat? That's Sharia. Making sure women can own, inherit and live without fear of rape? That's Sharia. You might want to research the basis of what you are speaking out against (i.e. read the Quran yourself instead of just going off of what the biased media chooses to show you) before you start attacking out of ignorance.
Art Gottily
7:08PM FEB 9TH 2013
we must do whatever it takes to keep Sharia out of the U. S. and inparticular keep it out of Florida!
Randy McDaniels
10:28PM FEB 7TH 2013
Just courts..... meaning sharia compliant in which a NON-MUSLIM can NOT testify and a Female Muslims testimony is 1/2 that of a man...meaning two men can testify or one man and two women. Oh and if a Man is testifying against his wife... and he does not have other witnesses he can testify 3 times and it will be accepted.

Women can inherit 1/2 the property of a male coutnerpart... you mean. Oh and if the husband want a divorce he merely sais I divorce you 3 times and its done and he keeps all wealth, property, and childrena and the woman is left penniless and with little prospect of re-marriage due to the chavanistic society.... Oh and a woman can not request a divorce from a Judge unless the husband agrees....

Rape.... no there is no rape...because there must be 4 male MUSLIM witnesses in good standing. essentially the woman who reports a rape is ofter charged with adultery which is a capital offense in many cases... so much for fair. That littl dity is due to the fact Males are unable to control themselves and Aisha was accidentally left behind during a caravan... another mulim came and saw the prophet bride had been left behind while relieving herself... and took her back. the dilema was she must have been raped ...because men have no self control (hence Burqas) and this was his favorite wife... so conveniently he had a revelation and now 4 male muslim witnesses are required to verify a rape.

I could go on ..but I guess you get it now... Mr. Sharia Adherent Islamist hiding under the guise of Freedom.

Just like Egypts Freedom & Justice Party (Muslim Brotherhood) who won elections... Freedom from Man Made Law and Justice in accordance with Sharia Law which is anything but.
4:44PM FEB 7TH 2013
Have you ever lived in a country that operated under Sharia law. It is run by men. Please do not give the book version because what is on paper is never the reality. Iran is under Shaira law, Syria is under Shaira law. Women can own things on paper but if they don't turn it over to their husbands they can be beaten and tortured. Woman and children are raped all the time and they can not come forward because MEN rule...they are whores and were asking for it....oh yes, Pakistan is under Shaira law, wasn't a young girl just shot in the head for wanting to go to school. Only Allah, proved by her living that Allah wants girls to go to school. oh and I have researched this and lived under Shaira law for over 25 years
10:30AM FEB 9TH 2013
Please see New Jersey case "S. D. v. M. J. R. 2010." A Muslim woman was beaten and raped by a Muslim man. The court ruled in the man's favor, because he was a Muslim and he was following Islamic theory and practice.

This is a direct quote from a court document on the web. The all caps is from the quote, not from me:

The NJ court found that

8:57PM APR 30TH 2013
It's a sad day when criminals get away with these despicable acts under the guise of religion. Rape and assault should be treated as CRIME and not as a religious right!

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