Arizona's Hardline Anti-Immigration Sheriff Paul Bebau, GOP Star, Outed as Gay by His Mexican Lover

In the strange-but-all-too-true department ...
Paul Babeu

Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu

The Phoenix New Times dropped a bombshell of a story at the end of last week, in which Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu, known as "Mr. Terrible Testosterone" to immigrants in the Southwest, was outed as a gay man.

But, wait, the story's just beginning.

A Mexican ex-boyfriend claimed the rising Republican star and outspoken immigration opponent threatened him with deportation when the boyfriend refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement about their relationship, which spanned years.

Proof of the relationship came via text messages between the 34-year-old "Jose" and Babeu, as well as compromising photos of Babeu groping Jose, and posing in front of a bathroom mirror in only briefs -- his profile photo for an ad on gay hookup site

Babeu is running for Congress. Or, was. He gave a news conference in Florence, Ariz., this morning, where he acknowledged that he had "a personal relationship" with Jose, the LA Times reports. He went on to say that the allegations are "absolutely, completely false, except for the issues that refer to me as being gay. Because that's the truth. I am gay."

The anti-immigration hardliner, who jumped on the Mitt Romney bandwagon early, has now decided to step down as co-chairman of the Arizona Romney for President campaign.

No word on the future of his congressional campaign.
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Orange Grove
5:58PM FEB 20TH 2012
And what the heck does this have to do with ANYTHING in Florida. You are supposedly a "right" thinking web site, but bash someone who is part of the GOP. I guess you are just HOMOPHOBIC and like to gossip. Shame on you for even putting something like this up. Yes, there are gays in the GOP and hopefully not all of them offend you. Perhaps you missed your calling at the National Enquirer.
6:01PM FEB 20TH 2012
Amen to that Orange Grove. This writer sounds like a homophobic racist. I thought this was about Florida, but I guess for Sunshine State news, it's open season on gays anywhere in the country.

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