Attn. Florida: CAIR Releases 'Tool Kit' to Fight 'Anti-Sharia' Laws

The Council on American-Islamic Relations released a "community tool kit" designed to counter "anti-Sharia" bills introduced in more than 20 states.

CAIR said its "Securing Religious Liberty" tool kit includes "lessons learned from opposing anti-Muslim legislative efforts in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Michigan, an explanation of the legal impact of the discriminatory bills and a discussion of what Sharia is and what it is not."

"I urge community leaders and activists to read this important tool kit thoroughly, to distribute it widely and to discuss its contents with civil liberties coalition partners," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Americans of all faiths must be vigilant in defense of the Constitution and the freedoms it grants."

The Florida House on Thursday passed HB 1209, which would bar state courts from considering "foreign law" in certain cases. CAIR officials vow to contest the measure in court if it wins final approval.

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9:36PM MAY 6TH 2012
9:21PM MAY 6TH 2012
THEY came HERE. OUR laws are defined under the Constitution. If they want their shariah- they can go back to where they came from. All other immigrants who came here had no problem being judged by our laws. These people will just keep pushing this shariah crap into our systems under the guise of "religious freedom" until we Americans finally start pushing back or find ourselves living under it. Islam is NOT just a religion. It's their civil, familial, political and religion. It cannot be divided. When you accept part of it- you've accepted it all. PERIOD.
8:11PM MAR 5TH 2012
"Religious liberty". There would be no religious liberty if we had sharia. Everybody who is in support of these muslims and their ignorant appeasers trying to establish shria should get their brain checked.
Sharia has no place in the West, including the US. Instead we should bring Western law to muslim countries.
1:43PM MAR 2ND 2012
"CAIR said its "Securing Religious Liberty" tool kit includes "lessons learned from opposing anti-Muslim legislative efforts in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Michigan,..."

And it wouldn't surprise me if they're adding to their toolkit some of the points made in the debate on contraceptives and the Catholic Church.
Philip Eyrich
11:37PM MAR 1ST 2012
Sharia is the application of the faith of Islam to people and daily living. Many nations in the Middle East are governed by Sharia. This is because Islam is the national religion and so the rules of the religion run the nation. Islam claims that it is so complete that no subject can have doubt on how to live or what determines right from wrong. Sharia, therefor, includes a set of laws and regulations to be a government.

To oppose the Catholic faith's rules for living on a community, or for Jewish laws from the Torah, etc, would be unacceptable in the USA. Those are not the laws of our nation and should not become such, nor should they be used by our legal system, courts, to make judgements on cases. National law is sufficient.

Sharia is the same. No atheist would submit to Sharia, and Sharia should also not be used to make judgements in our courts.

Foreign laws, whether from the U.N., any other country, or any religion, must never govern or judge the people of the USA. The laws of the USA are sufficient for all, including atheists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and everyone else.

If we want to adopt a foreign law as our own law, we need Congress to pass a bill making that so.

Sharia tells Muslim taxi drivers that it's okay to refuse a passenger who has unopened bottles of alcohol, or to refuse a guide dog into the vehicle. Sharia also tells Muslims to pray at regular intervals during the day, which they use to inconvenience the employers. Religious practice shouldn't interfere with a company's business model for operations. If someone knows the job isn't compatible with their faith, they should seek another job, not force the employer to change and submit.
Ahmed Zayan
11:24PM MAR 1ST 2012
What a catchy headline "Fight...", don't tell me you are FOX news affiliate?
Gary Rumain
11:14PM MAR 1ST 2012
LOL! What a joke!

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