Attorney General Announces Sentencing in Oxycodone Case

The attorney general’s office reports that a 29-year-old Bradenton man received a 26-year sentence Wednesday for trafficking in oxycodone and conspiracy to traffic in oxycodone.

Sentenced by the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Lapar Conley was convicted in December on the charges that were associated with JW Wellness, a pain clinic in Tampa.

The clinic was one of seven the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Department of Health, the Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency and Hillsborough County Code Enforcement closed last March.

The state attorney’s office noted that JW Wellness was closed for prescribing oxycodone to patients who were presenting fraudulent medical records.

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Henry Massingale
5:09PM JAN 27TH 2012
Ok guys we see 1 person with a sentence that does not fit the issue, we do not see justic in a 29 year sentence as if death was commited by one hand only.
As for my comment make it public,. You all need to catch up on current events, so look up,
The 2012 Presidential Elections / Agenda 101 
Agenda 101
What has not been addressed in this 2012 Presidential Elections, is the ending of the Afghan War and why people are asking, why is this issue far more a concern then the Debit Ceiling?  Its because this issue is the cause and effect on the Debit Ceiling.
According to Internet News 3 American Solders were killed under orders to protect the poppy plants and Plantations. Then according to updates the Solders that blew the whistle were found dead and no report of enemy fire.
As President of the United States of America will there be a Court Ordered Investigation ?  On this issue and if this Internet Story is a lie ?
CEO's of Pharmaceutical Companies paid off and gave funds to Pain Management Companies to dump tons of this Pharmaceutical Heroin on the population of the United States, according to reports that most did know that this was heroin, but many that died did not know.
According to Federal Data and Federal Reports that 27,000 Americans died from this Health Care Concept, in 2007. Over .05 Million Americans died within the last 7 to 10 years. That is 500,000 people dead...
This has been linked to the cause and effect of why we are at War In Afghan. The pin pointing and linking of the two issue alone is more then Probable Cause for a United States Federal Investigation of the true cause of why the United States was attacked. A clarification just for you,
This issue with the Afghan War, The year is in the 1970's United States help Bin Laden in Afghan to defeat Russia, and by the 80's the War ended. Around 1989 not long after, Bin Laden orders the first strike against the World Trade -Twin Towers, then 9/11.
Now we are at War in Afghan, the Taliban has portrayed all American's as a aggressive Species with a foot hold on their territory. But to see photos of American Military Personal Shoot protecting Poppy Plants. I am sorry but this is true. A War fought to control a Heroin Empire. A  Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words.
Welcome to the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 4
Sarah Bauer
9:04AM JAN 23RD 2012
I believe that Law Makers are punishing those who suffer from real pain because of a few bad apples like the one in the above story. In addition, if a patient presents fraudulent medical recoreds how is a Doctor to know?
It's also disturbing that child molesters can receive a lesser sentence than this man. Twenty-six years is incredibly harsh. Of course, I don't know the circumstances but I'd like to know. Was he in pain?
I will not be voting Ms. Biondi back into office.
Thank you,
Ms. Bauer
Henry Massingale
5:22PM JAN 27TH 2012
Dear Sarah,
I agree with only one pary of this statement a 10 year sentence would of served the issue.
But the Health Care Concept for pain through the use of heroin is such a deep seated issue that te human mind sits hack and asked why ?....the $ and the death of 500,000 Americans means nothing. Did you know we research and back street herion only killed a little over 10,000 people in the same 7 to 10 years...

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