Ben Carson Presidential Draft Starts to Form for 2016

Conservatives have launched a website petitioning Dr. Ben Carson to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. John Phillip Sousa IV, descendant and namesake of the famed patriotic composer, is the national chairman of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee and sent out an email to Republicans and conservatives on Thursday urging them to support his candidate. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon based at Johns Hopkins Hospital, has won attention from conservatives for calling for the repeal of President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law.

Calling Carson a “tea party conservative,” Sousa insisted he could win over black voters, and noted fellow African-American Republican Herman Cain carried 40 percent of them in one poll back in 2011. “Dr. Carson is a national hero in the black community,” Sousa insisted. “If Herman Cain could poll 40 percent of the black vote running against a black candidate, just imagine what percent of the black vote Dr. Ben Carson would receive running against Hillary Clinton or any other far-left white Democrat!

“I believe Ben Carson will win more than 50 percent of the African-American vote,” Sousa continued. “But, if Ben Carson receives just 20 percent of the black vote, no Democrat candidate for president, black or white, can win the White House.”

“The election of Ben Carson would create a sea change in American politics. It would permanently dismantle the Democrat coalition that gives them victory year after year,” Sousa insisted, before turning his fire to the GOP. “The Republican establishment is uncomfortable with Dr. Carson because he is a conservative, tea party Republican. They want another establishment Republican as their presidential nominee. And, if the GOP nominates another establishment Republican, Hillary will win. The nomination of Dr. Ben Carson is our sure path to victory in 2016.”

Sousa’s group plans to run ads in 2014 encouraging Carson to run.

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Charles Miller
9:04PM NOV 12TH 2013
the country needs you dr. carson! please considerate an American request
Marie Eichmann
9:12PM NOV 2ND 2013
Please Dr. Carson - I have been praying for someone to save our great country and I believe you are the answer to that prayer.
Linda Elkins
6:29PM OCT 16TH 2013
Most heroes are people to be admired for achievements in their life or for overcoming adversity with a successful outcome. Dr. Ben Carson certainly fits the bill. There are many people of all nationalities that know his bio and believe he has a better way for everyone (no exemptions) to have health care, create jobs and bring people together, not pitting classess and races against each other, but recognizing the need to work together. When I was a young mother, I received help from the government for a time but then I was able to secure a job and get off government aid. It is meant to be a temporary help not a way of life. How can we achieve self-esteem, confidence or be a good example for our children if we permanently depend on the government to provide for us. When government has total control of our healthcare and places the IRS as spot-checkers (overseers) to ensure everyone is buying into it or else be fined, they will have control over our lives like never before. Through Obamacare, the government will gain access to our personal medical and financial information. They are gaining the control they have been seeking for years through the creation of a national healthcare, something that appears good for the people. Obama has now illegally given exemptions to selected groups of people of his choosing. He earlier said this would not happen. If this was truly about good healthcare for our nation, it would include everybody but sadly, it is just not the case. We are gradually, slowly, losing our freedom of choice and other freedoms in our country and the government is creating such distraction and division amongst us, in hopes that we won't even recognize what's really going on until it is too.
Shirley Jones
7:33PM OCT 14TH 2013
Ben Carson is no longer a hero in the African-American Community (if he ever was). Now, he is for certain an embarrassment, a hypocrite, and a divisive puppet of the GOP's tea party. He has forgotten that there was a time when he needed help from the government.
Bill Felknor
12:10AM APR 13TH 2014
Wouldn't it be helpful Ms. Jones if you spent just a hour or so actually learning about Dr. Carson's strengths? The lives he saved, the health inventions he has brought to the world, the MANY national awards he has won, his faith in God, his determination to bring African Americans to equal standards in the USA and to ENDING this spending spree (Over 17 TRILLION $$$ to date) that Mr. Obama is placing on the backs of oour children of all colors.
Lisa Hodge
8:40AM OCT 13TH 2013
I would vote for him, Listen to him speak, he is calm - and believes in God...
Yes We Are Serious!
12:59AM OCT 13TH 2013
I think he would make a great president! It certainly wouldn't be any worse then what is in there now. BO is evil, anti-Christian, & anti-American, which he is proving by his actions these last few weeks especially. We need someone to stand up and fight for what is RIGHT!
don babb
8:56PM OCT 12TH 2013
Go Ben Carson. He is the most common sense man I have heard sense Reagan. People will lessen to him.
Are You Serious?!?
5:15PM OCT 11TH 2013
Yeah, he wouldn't get one black vote. I'm not sure what diluted thought process Sousa is using because Carson is a freaking crack pot right wing nut. Who doesn't realize his own party would lynch him if he doesn't adhere to there policies.
Bud Hagstrom
5:35PM OCT 10TH 2013
I have been telling all my white friends that I want Carson for President since that diner that gaid him fame. Every one of them agrees with me. You're are right. An establishment Republican will loose to any Democrat. Please consider what happened to Cain. He was the biggest threat to Obama so the Dems made an all out effort to destroy him. In order to prevent this happening to Carson you and he must hold back the campaign until close to the election. This will deny the Dems enough time to destroy him. If he runs he will be an even greater threat to the Dems than Cain was. They will stop at nothing to destroy him as soon as they realize he is a serious candidate. He will be their worst night mare but if he looses there will never be another chance.
Sherry Johnson
7:56PM OCT 11TH 2013
Are you all serious? African americans was like Herman Cain is who, from where and did what? Godfather's pizza? Lol..... Sorry but as great as Ben Carson is.... he is no match for the Hillary Clinton machine.....

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