BREAKING: Congressman Ron Paul Endorses Dr. Ted Yoho for Congress

Libertarian stalwart and tea party godfather Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has endorsed Dr. Ted Yoho, Republican nominee for North Central Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. Ted Yoho is one of 11 House candidates across the United States to be endorsed by Paul.

“I endorse Ted Yoho for Florida’s 3rd District. His commitment to the Constitution and individual liberties is exactly what we need more of in the House,” said Congressman Paul.

Yoho thanked Dr. Paul for his support.

“I’m incredibly humbled that the leader of the modern liberty movement and strong conservative leader, Congressman Ron Paul, is backing our campaign.  I admire Congressman Paul for his relentless pursuit of conservative values and his passion for our Constitution and our great Republic.” Yoho said. “I hope that I can continue to champion Dr. Paul’s efforts to audit the Fed, protect states’ rights and getting our nation back on track.”

Yoho is a businessman and large-animal veterinarian who has lived in North Central Florida for the last 35 years. The seat Dr. Yoho is seeking is the newly created Congressional District 3 which encompasses the following counties: Alachua, Gilchrist, Levy, Dixie, Lafayette, Suwannee, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Hamilton, Clay, the eastern portion of Madison and the north western portion of Marion County.

Sunshine State News was the first news source in the nation to highlight the libertarian leanings of the Republican rising star, in an exclusive interview with Yoho back in August. 

Yoho rose to national prominence Aug. 14 after scoring a very narrow victory over 12-term congressman Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala, in one of the year's most hotly contested primary races. Yoho's win was hailed in many quarters as one of the biggest upsets in that month's primary election season, and quite possibly one of the greatest congressional upsets in Florida history.

Paul does not endorse candidates lightly; on Friday, he pointedly declined to to back GOP candidate Mitt Romney for the presidency.

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Charlie Peters
11:33PM NOV 6TH 2012
California, Obama / Mitt, November contest would likely give the California winner prize to Obama but how would a 3 way Obama, Mitt & Ron write in vote count end up? RP votes in 2008 were counted.

The Goldman Sacs / Fed reserve / GMO food-fuel twins might create a fun contest with the Texas Dr. Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano.

Auit the fed, support HR 459 Paul & S 202 Paul

Is this game about D R or other? maybe it is about saving the republic. Maybe Obama and Mitt are the underdogs.
Annette B. Land
10:02AM OCT 15TH 2012
I have know Dr Yoho many years...I was selected in 2002 and honored in 2003 as Florida's Agriculture Woman of the Year and during my time as working with horses and cattle; the watermelon industry; and many faces of agriculture; I have learned to appreciate Dr Yoho very much..I believe he will serve us honestly & will do his best to up hold the constitution of our Great County. May God walk with you Dr. Yoho!

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