BREAKING: Democrat Keith Fitzgerald Cans Spokeswoman After SSN Exposes X-Rated, Anti-Catholic Rants

U.S. congressional candidate Keith Fitzgerald, D-Sarasota, announced the firing of communications director Ana Maria Rosato barely 90 minutes after Sunshine State News brought to light a series of pornographic and anti-Catholic rants on her blog, "Sassy Political Insights."

Read the tirades for yourselves, here.

"She is no longer with the campaign," said Adam Scott, Fitzgerald's campaign manager, in a terse statement to the News.

On her blog, Rosato claims Republicans are sex-frustrated racists and that the Catholic Church initiated the medieval Dark Ages by systematic persecution and brutalization of women.

Fitzgerald's campaign did not comment, before this blog went to press, on whether the Democratic candidate shares Rosato's characterization of Republicans or the Church.

Stay tuned for developments ...
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Jay Woodard
3:03PM OCT 1ST 2012
Why should she be fired just for quoting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

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