On Bus Trip, Scott Proclaims 'We're Way Ahead In The Polls'

Proclaiming "We're way ahead in the polls," an ebullient Rick Scott began another leg of his bus trip across Florida today.

Making his first stop in Vero Beach, the Republican gubernatorial candidate took verbal swings at the state capital.

"You don't become a genius because you're in Tallahassee. Local governments make much better decisions," Scott told a crowd of about 200 well-wishers who gathered for his 8 a.m. appearance.

Accompanied by family and lieutenant governor candidate Jennifer Carroll, Scott appeared loose and confident, but not cocky.

"You never know about elections," he said. "John Thune (the South Dakota senator who campaigned for Scott earlier this week) once lost a race by 500 votes. He said if he had known it was going to be so close he would have voted."

Scott has been buoyed by huge Republican turnouts in early voting and absentee balloting, but the latest polls -- including those by Sunshine State News -- show a razor-thin margin separating Scott and Democrat Alex Sink heading into Election Day.

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