Business Leaders Back Rick Scott’s $10,000 College Challenge

Some of Florida’s most influential business lobbying groups are firmly in support of Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to lower the cost of higher education in the Florida College System.

Scott on Monday challenged administrators in the system to bring the cost of a four-year degree under $10,000.

Tom Feeney, CEO and president of Associated Industries of Florida:

“Governor Scott’s commitment to providing affordable higher education opportunities is a great value for Florida’s students. This visionary initiative will offer programs that provide students the skills necessary to move into the work force with the right skills and credentials to support our growing business community. The business climate in Florida is strengthening and the demand for a highly trained and educated work force is at the forefront of every business owner's agenda. AIF supports Governor Scott’s initiative and looks forward to working with colleges throughout the state to build the work force for Florida’s future.”

Bill Herrle, executive director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses:

"Florida’s small businesses rely on the local work force to fill positions that require high skill and high performance expertise. Governor Scott’s commitment to provide affordable higher education opportunities to Florida’s students will provide talented students the opportunity to get the credentials they need to fill the jobs of the future."

Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber:

“The Florida Chamber of Commerce supports innovative approaches to develop a highly trained and skilled work force to drive Florida’s emerging job market. Governor Scott’s commitment to providing affordable higher education opportunities in high-demand fields is important to securing Florida’s future and another step to strengthening our partnership with the state college system.”

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