Zogby Poll: Cain Up 20% on GOP Field, Tops Obama

Businessman and author Herman Cain has opened a 20-point lead over the rest of the Republican field and he would be the only GOP candidate to defeat President Obama if the election were held today, according to the latest IBOPE Zogby interactive poll.

The numbers offer a vastly different snapshot from other polls released this week.

A poll by ABC puts Romney ahead of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Cain, while CBS has Romney in a tie with Cain. A Quinnipiac poll placed Romney at 22 percent, followed by Cain and Perry. Others in the field were in single digits.

“Cain’s share of the GOP primary has jumped 10 percentage points since Sept. 26 and is now at 38 percent,” a release from Zogby stated for its online survey of likely Republican voters taken between Oct. 3-5.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stood in second at 18 percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, each had 12 percent.

The poll also asked about individual match-ups between Obama and three of the four atop the poll.

Cain scored 2 percentage points ahead of Obama, while Romney was down 1 point and Perry 5 to the president.

The president's disapproval rating grew from 57 percent to 59 percent, while his approval rating dipped from 42 percent to 41 percent, between Sept. 26 and the October survey.

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Joe Miller
11:19AM OCT 7TH 2011
If Herman Cain becomes the Republican nominee and he, as he says he can, gets 30% of the black vote, Obama might win only Vermont, New York and California.
11:18AM OCT 7TH 2011
The Federal Reserve plays a large role in our financial mess. I therefore doubt a man that played a role in that organization and defends it against audit would be elected. Cains Federal Reserve positions goes against beliefs of the Tea Party and the new 99% protesters. He cannot get elected in the general without those two groups.

Cain also wants a 9% sales tax on everything you buy and had previously testified before Congress in favor of 23% national sales tax on all your purchases. That is just not going to fly with the American people.

So either this poll is rigged by establishment or people are completely ignorant to Cain's positions.
Chris Bordeman
11:58AM OCT 7TH 2011
Michael, you are the one who is ignorant. Your points sound like FUD coming from some other campaign.

Herman Cain is already THE darling of the Tea Party. And yes, part of his 999 plan is to introduce a national sales tax, but some other parts are: 1) total elimination of the payroll tax and income tax, 2) elimination of all loopholes and deductions the rich use to avoid paying taxes, and 3) no sales tax on used items, ever (and guess who buys used items?).

The biggest benefit is for the working class and the unemployed who will see a massive growth in jobs and incomes as employers gain certainty about their future fiscal situation. Uncertainty is what is killing jobs in this country.

Cain has also stated he will immediately issue an Obamacare waiver to all 50 states, eliminating the #2 issue employers state in polls that's preventing them from hiring.

Stop spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt and support a candidate who is willing to offer an actual SOLUTION for a change instead of empty platitudes and vague promises to nibble around the edges.

Go Cain!!
2:51PM OCT 7TH 2011
Sorry actually I did the math wrong.

9% National Sales Tax
10% State Sales Tax
9% Federal Income Tax

Thats 28% on the middle class while the rich pay closer to 9%.

Now that explains why he says it will generate so much revenue...
2:36PM OCT 7TH 2011
So if you live in a state with a 10% sales tax you will pay that plus 9% on income. Not to mention other state taxes...

So the middle class will be paying 19% tax with no deductions. Tell me how many people making under 30k a year pay 19% now? After deductions they don't come close to 19%.

Cain's plan protects the rich and not most americans. Who uses most of their income to purchase things? The middle class. Who doesn't? The rich. The rich will be paying 9% tax on most of their income because they save most of it while the middle class will pay 19%.

His plan is a disaster. Ron Paul will work to eliminate the income tax, reduce spending, restore sound monetary policy and bring our troops home. He is the best candidate because he understands how to restore the middle class and this country.
12:26AM OCT 8TH 2011
Bill, I like Ron Paul too, but you don't have your facts right about Cain's 999 plan (a.k.a. the Fair Tax) and it's not as you present it.

And besides, Ron Paul HIMSELF says he likes the Fair Tax plan because it would even have illegal aliens paying some taxes when they bought things via the national sales tax! Ron Paul said he preffered the Fair Tax (the "999 Plan" as Cain calls it) over the current way the government taxes.

And by the way, the sales tax will not be on food, necessities, rent, etc. Part of Cain's plan is doing away with the payrole tax, the capital gains tax and a host of other taxes is something you didn't mentioned either. Paying no payrole taxes and only 9% on purchases OTHER THAN food and rent/mortgage would be a savings for the middle class and poor.

Ron Paul is a great candidate but so is Herman Cain. You're not going to bring Ron Paul higher by trying to smear and pull down Herman Cain. 33% going down to a 9% income tax is a MASSIVE improvement. Businesses paying only 9% instead of the current 35% is a MASSIVE improvement. The 9% sales tax would still be a net gain especially since it's not on food and necessities. So the poor will get what they need without paying that tax.

Job growth will be incredible with Herman Cain's plan. He is the man!
1:14PM OCT 7TH 2011
You are regurgitating RINO establishment and MSM propaganda. Just because the mainstream media says Herman Cain is the darling of the Tea Party does not make is so.

FACT: The Tea Party and the 99% protesters blame the federal reserve for devaluing our currency and creating the bubble - bust cycle thus creating the mess we are in. These groups want to see it audited or eliminated. This is the exact opposite of Herman Cain's beliefs who said his former employer does not need to be audited since they will not find or have done anything wrong.

FACT: Most economists agree that 999 plan would raise the relative tax burden on low and middle income taxpayers due to the 9% national sales tax. We do not need another tax that on the middle class or poor that Congress will only increase over time.

FACT: Herman Cain's plan starts at 9% however he originally testified before Congress in favor of a 23% national sales tax.

FACT: An Obamacare waiver will still put the taxpayers nationwide on the hook to pay for it. Obamacare must be eliminated.

We have had enough of big government Republicans. If this RINO is the nominee it will guarantee an Obama 2nd term since I and other Tea party folks WILL sit home or vote 3rd party.
Romulack Jones
11:03AM OCT 7TH 2011
Cain is the man!

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