CAIR Hails 'Sharia' Victory in Florida, Presses Broader Agenda in Congress

A leading Muslim group hailed the defeat of "anti-Sharia" legislation at the Florida Senate Friday.

"This is a great success not only for the Muslim community, but for all Americans who believe in the constitutional protections of freedom of religion," said Hassan Shibly, Florida director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"This sends a strong message that we will not tolerate legislation intended to demonize, attack, and marginalize religious minorities in America. Our victory tonight is a great example of how the interfaith and civil rights community united can make a positive difference for all Americans."

After the House passed Rep. Larry Metz's HB 1209, the Senate failed to bring Sen. Alan Hays' SB 1360 to a vote in the closing hours of the legislative session. See story here.

Meantime, CAIR isn't content just to play defense. Delegations from CAIR this week visited more than 100 congressional offices to press for several pieces of federal legislation.

CAIR representatives asked that lawmakers:
  • Re-examine the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and repeal the law's indefinite detention provisions.
  • Support and co-sponsor the End Racial Profiling Act of 2011.
  • Sign on to a letter requesting that the Department of Justice revise its 2003 policy guidance on racial profiling. CAIR and the ACLU say the current guidelines contain loopholes allowing federal law enforcement agencies to profile at U.S. borders and for reasons of national security.

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1:23AM SEP 14TH 2012
I am tired of hearing about sharia law which belongs in the lands of rubble and disrespect for women . If the US constitution is not good enough for our enemies that waged war on our land thrice let them go back to the rubble and riot torn lands and they can stay there. We are too soft and PC with these crazies. Our legislators and president need to get off their butts and get tough with these overbearing jerks.
11:31PM MAR 13TH 2012
whether or not sharia wins a legislative victory is irrelevant. if we as a nation continue to accept invasion by evil muslims intent on conquering our nation and subduing us, and reducing us to a state of islamic slavery, the entire sharia package is inevitable. if we do what we would do if we were a serious non-suicidal society, and expell all evil muslims, sharia would be a non-issue. the problem is not sharia. the problem is muslims.
1:05PM MAR 13TH 2012
That fact that this bill went down had nothing to do with CAIR. It was due to the 'politics of politics'. For CAIR to claim credit is an strong indication of the dishonesty and deception... not the first time these accusations have been leveled at the group.
1:17PM MAR 12TH 2012
Y'all should take a few minutes and watch a Youtube video, "What Islam Is Not" before you cheer too hard for CAIR's Sharia victory party. You can't post a url here for some reason, but just go to Youtube and search on that title. Scares me and I'm fearless!
12:39PM MAR 12TH 2012
Hopefully Florida will modify the legislation, and try again.

Sharia: 7th century rules for 7th century retards.
5:53AM MAR 12TH 2012
Sharia does need to be banned because the truth about it is that Islam is not a religion - it is a state. Sharia is the constitution of that state and anyone attempting to impelment it is therefore committing treason against other states. People say the 'convert' to Islam but you can't convert to something that is not even a religion.
Islam needs to be reclassified as something other than a relgion because its not one in the western sense.
Search youtube for this video 'Muslims Pretend to Be Nice People ' - in this video father Zakaria Botros explains that Islam is a state and not a religion and he should know being an Egyptian Coptic priest. To start seeing it for what it really is is the only way to defeat it.
11:36PM MAR 13TH 2012
you are so wrong. there is absolutely no point in banning sharia. if we continue to allow muslim invasion of our country, when the invaders reach critical mass, they will ignore the silly laws against sharia, and inflict sharia on us. if we were to evict our evil muslim invaders, we would not need futile laws against sharia. import muslim invaders and die. evict muslim invaders and live. that is the choice.
10:05PM MAR 11TH 2012
"....we will not tolerate legislation intended to demonize, attack, and marginalize religious minorities in America..."

No, maybe not openly in America - because they know they need the media on their side in their longterm goal of the worldwide caliphate. But in Muslim countries - Buddhists, Christians, atheists and especially Jews get to experience the sharp end of the pineapple.

What's the definition of hypocrisy, CAIR?

And Gary Edwards - do you really believe the superconscious power behind the universe really gives a rat's ass whether you face Mecca 5 times a day or not?
1:45PM MAR 11TH 2012
The article states "This is a great success not only for the Muslim community, but for all Americans who believe in the constitutional protections of freedom of religion..."
The constitution stands in complete opposite to sharia law! This is nothing more than Muslim deception, stealth jihad.
1:19PM MAR 11TH 2012
Dont forget folks, its a common game muslims play to make out they used to be christian - but what christian is then going to call something with the same character and nature as satan god, by becoming muslim.
Infidel Task Force
10:23AM MAR 11TH 2012
wow...Gary Edward becomes a muslim and right away plays the victim. It must be in the Islamic playbook
Gary Edwards
7:47AM MAR 11TH 2012
Well, I am glad that the bill was defeated so far. As an anglo convert to Islam from being a Southern Baptist I can appreciate the anxiety that many average Americans have towards Muslims and Islam, and on the flip side I also am aware that being a member of a 'minority' now i.e., Anglo-Muslim American, I must be on guard to ensure my constitutional and civil rights, which may be taken away if not limited in the extreme Islamophobic-nativist atmosphere of these days, are not trampled upon.
11:41AM MAR 11TH 2012
Your 'right' to implement Shari'a law - that would guarantee anyone - like yourself - a higher status under the law than all others?

Just wanted to clear that up - your hopes are now for the dhimmi law system - which creates Apartheid-like conditions for non-Muslims - and which is practised in places like Pakistan and Egypt - where for example only a Muslim - like yourself - can hold higher office.

Some drug you are on!!

You are welcomed to continue injecting it - but should others be forcibly brought under its influence?

Then again you're probably not thinking straight at the moment!!
11:14AM MAR 11TH 2012

As an anglo convert to islam, you must surely recall that for the past hundred years, no baptist has boarded a plane with explosives in his shoes, underwear, or water bottle. Same with airplanes being flown into buildings and suicide bombings. That right there is a primary cause for trepidation towards muslims and islam. Especially since islam is a violent religion at its core. Whether you realize it or not, or realize it and don't care, that is an indisputable fact. As such, We The People must equally be on guard, since CAIR spokespersons have in the past said islam is not in the United States to be equal, but rather to supplant the Constitution. Having lived in the middle east, I have seen firsthand what happens when islam rules a land. Civil rights disappear, and non-muslims suffer. I hope you find what you're looking for in your novelty conversion to islam.
2:25PM MAR 11TH 2012
Timothy McVeigh was a christian. You can't have sharia law in the united states because we're subject to AMERICAN LAW. Congress shall make no law respecting or prohibiting the establishment of religion. That means that you have to protect all religions the same. No matter how outlandish and backwards they are. Christians are trying all the time to supplant the constitution by trying to force people to teach their fairy tales as science. Then they get all bent out of shape when other religions want to do the same.
11:47PM MAR 13TH 2012
dumbass, mcvey was no more christian than i am, and i am an atheist. mcvey was rightly upset over government tyranny at waco and ruby ridge. he was convicted on far less evidence than was available against oj simpson, because the government just does not tolerate people who object to government cold blooded murder. mcvey did not complain about his fate. he was more a man than all the stinking anti-american liberals in this country combined. he had his principles, and he died for them. liberals, on the other hand, send other people to die for their lack of principles. dont talk of mcvey. you arent fit to kiss mcvey's donkey.
1:19PM MAR 10TH 2012
Hassan Shibly needs to understand a couple of things. Bragging does not set well with people and next year there will be new people there. It is possible that CAIR may have a new spelling, TOAST.

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