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Carlos Lopez-Cantera Slams Obama's Cuba Policy

Running for the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race in 2016, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera came out swinging at President Barack Obama’s effort to normalize relations with Cuba. 

"Today marks one year since the president’s disastrous policy to legitimize the Castro regime at the expense of the Cuban people’s right to be free,” Lopez-Cantera said on Thursday. “The Obama administration’s removal of Cuba from the State Department’s list as a state sponsor of terrorism, manipulation of the facts regarding human trafficking to aid the Castros and neglecting Cuba’s valiant pro-democracy movement are just a few of the highlights of Obama’s shameful policy. The net result of this policy is an emboldened dictatorship, continued mass exodus and increased repression.
“For our national security, Obama’s efforts to ease sanctions and grant continuous concessions to the Castro regime sends a dangerous message to those around the world wishing to do harm to the United States of America,” Lopez-Cantera added. “The brave men and women on the on the ground, who know best, like The Ladies in White, Antonio Rodiles and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez 'Antunez,' should know that they have our continued solidarity, and that we will stand by them in their plea for the U.S. Congress to maintain the embargo on the Castros until the Cuban people regain their right to self-determination.
“Sadly, President Obama continues to place politics above common sense policy, making our country less safe, and less secure, as he fails to hold the Castro regime accountable,” Lopez-Cantera concluded. “People in Florida understand how fragile freedom and liberty can be, and how quickly we can lose all we've worked for."

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