Charlie Crist Arming Himself in Broward With Steve Geller, Bob Butterworth

Two Florida pols who lost their last elections apparently have been hired to put some lipstick on another election loser -- Charlie Crist.

In trying to build his team in Democratic stronghold Broward County, Crist has called on former state Sen. Steve Geller of Cooper City and former Attorney General Bob Butterworth. The idea is to gussy up the former governor and failed U.S. Senate candidate for a 2014 gubernatorial run against Gov. Rick Scott.

Geller went down in flames in the 2010 Broward County Commission primary to County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger; in the 2002 state Senate contest, Butterworth took a thrashing from a relatively unknown-at-the-time banker, Jeff Atwater.

Thank Buddy Nevins for this latest intel on Crist.

Nevins, retired Sun-Sentinel reporter and one of my favorite investigative journalists, writes on his political blog site, that Crist may be overestimating Scott's vulnerability long-term. He's also got Crist as a 2014 gubernatorial challenger summed up pretty well:

"In a field of Democratic Lilliputians, Crist stands out. But he is far from a Gulliver. He’s more like a bigger Lilliputian.

"Crist is a deeply-flawed candidate with a history of shameless self-promoting flip flops who will make an easy target for GOP attack ads.

"Yet he’s clearly the best that Democrats have at this point.

"Still, it won’t be easy to beat Scott, regardless of any help Geller and Butterworth can provide."

Interesting item. 

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7:20PM JAN 4TH 2013
No one has commented? Ok, I will remark at the extreme partisanship of your writing. I stumbled onto your post because of some curiosity about Crist recently changing parties, and wondering how that is being perceived. Wow. It's new news to me, but clearly old news to you. Your language "lipstick on an election loser" "went down in flames" "Democratic llilputians". I can see where you are coming from, and I guess that Charlie's extended transformation from hero to villain is complete. I live in Ohio which is deeply purple state, where one's party is less of a consideration and we switch and split our votes all the time. I happen to think that is a good thing. While some of us think that different sides to are worth consideration, you seem to be blessed with deep and unchanging convictions in your own party affiliation (or, at least against a party). Such is life. I wish you a long, happy life in this world, with an afterlife with, hmmm, Rachel Maddow, Charlie Rangel or Al Sharpton (take your pick), may you all blissfully strum your harps together in the next life for all eternity.

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