Christian Group Jumps Gun on 'Prayer' Bill, Thrashes Newspapers' 'Mockery'

The Christian Family Coalition announced today that Gov. Rick Scott "has already agreed to sign" Senate Bill 98, the so-called school prayer bill.

That was news to the governor's office, which told Sunshine State News that Scott has yet to decide which way to go on the legislation that would authorize student-led "inspirational messages."

"Governor Scott has said he will review the bill and make a decision. He hasn’t made a decision yet," said press secretary Lane Wright.

Meantime, CFC president Anthony Verdugo slammed three Florida newspapers for publishing columns that "viciously and violently attacked and mocked supporters of SB 98."

After slapping the Tampa Bay Times and the Palm Beach Post, Verdugo took on Miami Herald columnist Myriam Marquez for writing "a hate-filled and mocking hit piece" denigrating the legislation.

"The only reason these so-called journalists feel free to attack people of faith, particularly Christians, is because they know we will remain silent and do nothing about it," Verdugo said.

But CFC isn't suffering in silence. Verdugo submitted letters to the editor to each of the three newspapers, and the Herald printed the CFC's reply Monday -- eight days after Marquez's piece appeared.

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4:00PM MAR 19TH 2012
Anthony Verdugo just want to let you know I am all for this bill. However, when other religious groups decide to lead "inspirational messages" I do not want to hear you or anyone else say a word. Islam before the football game? No Problem. Inspiring words from Satan before graduation? You Bet. I am sure the KKK children will have some inspiring words for us as well.

I am for freedom of speech 100% and I do not want to hear one wimper out of the mouths of my Christian friends. Not one word.

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