Cliff Stearns Denies, Denounces James Jett's 'Buyout' Claim

U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns denied and denounced a fellow Republican's claim that he tried to "buy" him out of the race.
James Jett, the clerk of courts for Clay County, is among the announced GOP opponents to Stearns, R-Ocala, who is running for re-election in the newly drawn 3rd Congressional District.

“Mr. Jett’s claim is totally unfounded -- no one is authorized to make any claims or concessions on behalf of Representative Stearns," Stearns' press secretary Paul Flusche said in a statement obtained by Sunshine State News.

"He has not communicated with Mr. Jett at any time to get out of the race. This is a pure and simple political maneuver by Mr. Jett to illegally entrap former friends for vindictive reasons.”  

According to press reports recirculated by the Florida Democratic Party, Jett claimed that Stearns offered him a job on his campaign staff or cash to cover the approximately $25,000 Jett has personally spent on his congressional run.

Jett was also quoted as saying he was told there could be a job heading the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or a U.S. marshal position once there are vacancies.

The FBI reportedly is investigating the claims, which Jett says he has on tape.
Flusche called Jett's story "contemptuous."

"Mr. Jett’s allegations arose from his own solicitations and strategies for compensation to remove himself as a candidate once he found out that Representative Stearns would be running in the newly formed district.
“The people of Clay County will see through his scandalous attempts to illegally entrap his friends to promote his candidacy."

Flusche said Jett's claim of a phone conversation raised questions about the clerk.

"The alleged telephone conversations took place in a county office building and he has cited two county employees as witnesses. Both the location of the conversations and choice of witnesses are a violation. The use of county facilities as well as county personnel as a base for his campaign is illegal.
“Also, it is in violation of Florida state law for him to record a phone call of someone without his advising him or her he is doing it. It is disappointing that we have to spend time addressing matters of this nature and for someone to have the spotlight for his slanderous behavior," Flusche said.

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Mr Jett was right all along
1:19PM AUG 5TH 2013
If Mr Jimmy Jett was not telling the truth about this attempt to bride him why then is he still trying to find out why the FBI suppressed his complaint? There is an article in the Ocala Star Banner by Bill Thompson (google it) That article says the FBI recorded both Jim Horne and Jud Sapp making the offers from a telephone at the home of Mr Jett. Guess the DBI can tap anyonw they want too. Evne though Stearns lost but he and his friends Jim Horne and Jud Sapp and the rest of the Bushmen involved in all this need to be prosecuted and jailed!
Paul Youngkin
11:17AM MAR 13TH 2012
I beleive Mr.Jett. Cliff Strearns has been in office way too long and has gotten very wealthy and crooked as a result. Time to go.
1:45PM MAR 8TH 2012
Check out on the internet tonight at 5:30pm. Paul Truesdell, who ran for Sheriff in 2008 in Marion County, FL, will be exposing Stearns for what he is. There will be accounts of questionable activity that goes back to the mid 1990's. If you want insight into the power plays of Cliff Stearns, and the Good Ole Boy network in Marion County Florida, you won't want to miss True Talk on
Andrew Nappi
9:03PM MAR 7TH 2012
Whether or not these allegations are true is immaterial. Cliff Stearns has TWICE voted to emasculate the 1st,4th,5th and 6th amendments to the constitution....since 12/14/11!! Along with the entire "anti Obama" class of 2010 from Florida, Rep.Stearns has allowed the NDAA with its military arrest and indefinite detention of Americans to become "law" and voted YES to emascualate the first amendment by voting yes to HR347. This is on the way to Obama's desk for signing. Worse yet, this bill had one sponsor, Tom Rooney a FL Republican, and Ted Deutsch, a Florida Democrat as the sole sponsor and co sponsor. Passage was never in question and every member of FL's delegation voted AYE to this.
So, whether or not Stearns attempted anything with Jett matters not. His infidelity to the constitution and his oath of office makes him unfit to hold the public trust. It is that simple and it is time for the GOP or not all crowd to wise up to the fact that bipartisanship exists only to rob us of our liberties. If you are a Republican, will you feel better when the Bill of Rights is dead because your guys did it? Fire Stearns come election time. Its the right thing to do and you will honor the Founders.

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