Club for Growth: 'Ron DeSantis is principled conservative America desperately needs'

Ron DeSantis, an attorney and veteran who is running for Congress in a new seat representing a district going from St. Johns County south to Volusia County on the Atlantic coast, continues to garner impressive national support. Earlier in the week, DeSantis unveiled the backing of U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. On Tuesday, DeSantis announced that the Club for Growth PAC is backing his congressional bid.

“Ron DeSantis is a principled conservative and America desperately needs him in Washington,” said Chris Chocola, the president of the Club for Growth, in a statement forwarded by the DeSantis team. “Ron will fight to cut spending, balance the budget, and reform our nearly bankrupt entitlement system. We need more citizen-legislators like Ron who will stand up to both parties and make the hard choices to save our country from fiscal ruin. The Club for Growth PAC strongly endorses Ron DeSantis for Congress.”

"I am very excited to have the support of the Club for Growth,” DeSantis said. “The Club and its members understand that our Congress needs principled conservatives who will stand up to both liberal Democrats and to big government, establishment Republicans.  If we don’t embrace pro-growth policies to allow our economy to thrive, and if we fail to reduce the size and scope of government, then our country will continue down the path to national insolvency.”

DeSantis has to face a crowded field of Republican opponents in the primary come August.
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All Hat No Cattle
12:19PM JUL 30TH 2012
Our Founding Fathers fought for our freedom and risked their lives to have the right to choose leadership. We broke the tyrannical reigns of an oppressive King to create the greatest nation in the history of the world. As a Vietnam Veteran, I take great pride in having served our country. However, I take it as an insult to all Veterans and Patriots for an opportunist candidate to hold himself out as something he is not.

In his book, Dreams of our Founding Fathers, DeSantis takes a swipe at President Obama and cites voting as one of the virtues this country was built upon. The only problem is he forgot to read his own book.

The St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections confirms that Mr. DeSantis missed every eligible primary from 1998-2008. He also forgot to vote in the general election in 2006. While his team may want to blame it on youthful indiscretion (DeSantis is 32) do we really want to send someone to Congress who is too immature to have realized what a precious gift that voting in a representative democracy is? Or, is Mr. DeSantis simply a hypocrite? Do as I say, but not as I do? The American people are a forgiving lot. However, we don’t like people representing something they are not. We sure don’t want them representing us in Washington.

As a Jacksonville based attorney for the mega-law firm Holland & Knight, Desantis has created a narrative of himself. However, don’t be fooled by the shiny wrapping. This is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing hoping to dine at the public trough and hoping, similar to President Obama in 2008, that you will buy the packaging without asking any questions.
3:25PM JUL 5TH 2012
This guy is a fraud. He claims to be a Constitutional conservative, but it turns out he can't show up to the polls to actually vote. Records reveal he missed every primary from 1998-2008 and even missed the general in 2006. Don't preach to us about the founders when you don't even vote. Just google "Ron Desantis does not vote" and it is the top story that comes up.
Jaime Parham
4:08PM JUL 10TH 2012
He has the courage of his convictions. When you put that uniform on, and you know your time could be up any moment, and you did that because of your belief in our Constitution, you prove this. He could have just went into p...rivate practice after graduating with Honors from Yale and Harvard and made a killing, but he chose to take an Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution as a Navy Officer during wartime in Iraq instead. Keep in mind a lot of us used to trust the Republican Party to be in the tradition of Reagan. I’ve only voted in maybe one or two primaries myself, until we blew it with McLame and Obama and the Left really woke me up… Before then, I was content to yell at the TV and not make the time since I was so busy working to support my family and pay for the folks who don’t work… Does that make me less qualified now? Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to even vote? Since I'm not worthy...
11:50AM JUL 15TH 2012
The difference between you and Ron is that you are not running for Congress and you did not write a book all about the founders where you cite the need for people to vote. People don't mind youthful indiscretion so long as they don't represent them in Congress and they are not a hypocrite.
4:18PM JUN 26TH 2012
Yes, be proud of an endorsement from a group that runs ads against fellow Republicans.

Yes, be proud of an endorsement from a group that demonizes politicians with name-calling "Comrade of the Month" awards.

Yes, be proud of an endorsement from a group that violates the law and has to pay civil penalties for not even registering as a PAC.

Yes, be proud of an endorsement from a group that targeted Sen. John McCain in 2004.

Yes, be proud of an endorsement from a group that expouses that the most selfish group in America today is senior citizens.

Yes, be very, very proud.
4:16PM JUL 10TH 2012
Yes absolutely be proud. I guess YOU would just be content with backing Republicrats who shred the 1st Amendment and spend us into oblivion? I guess you’re just fine with the leadership caving to the Dems and being so excited about it. “Look guys, aren’t we great? We only let the Democrats destroy part of the Constitution today! Win, win, win!”

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