Congressman Vern Buchanan to President Obama: Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline Already!

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., has released a statement calling on President Obama to authorize the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Earlier this week, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman approved a revised route for the pipeline to traverse his state.

Under pressure by environmentalists and other liberal interests, the Obama administration has so far refused to authorize the 1,700-mile pipeline connecting Canadian oil fields with American refineries.

“Nebraska’s approval of the Keystone pipeline means there are no more excuses,” Buchanan said in his statement. “This long-studied project offers us a prime opportunity to increase our nation’s energy security and strengthen the economy by creating tens of thousands of new American jobs. It’s time to put aside the partisan rhetoric and start tackling America’s energy crisis. I urge the president to authorize this project immediately.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a privately-funded project that would transport crude oil from Canada's tar sands region in Alberta to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. Once complete, the pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, which is currently the largest exporter of crude oil to the United States, supplying over 20 percent of the U.S.'s daily oil imports.

“This country needs a comprehensive, ‘all-of-the-above’ energy plan that reduces our dependence on foreign oil,” Buchanan concluded. “With gas prices threatening an already-struggling economy, it’s time to approve the Keystone pipeline and the thousands of jobs it will support.”

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Duane overholt
4:19PM JAN 24TH 2013
Hey Connie if you are a Florida voter, then explain to me how the pipe line is going to help you. That pipeline is so Canadian oil companies can ship that oil over seas. The reports show that gas prices in this country(Florida is still part of this country) will go up. This pipeline will ship your oil to others and cost you more money for everything from gas for your car to heating for your home. What jobs will be created in Florida.

Duane Overholt
Consumer Advocate
Duane overholt
4:13PM JAN 24TH 2013
Where are the jobs you promised for those whom have voted for you in your district. How does this pipeline help, lower gas prices for the voters in your district.

What have you done to stop the loss of small businesses in your district.

What have you done to protect the assests and net worth of those that voted for you Vern.

Stall, change directs, and also go after subjects that you think will grab your district interest. Like Egypt, payroll for congressmen and now this.

When nothing works then go after the President. Well republicans control Florida politics and the US House. You and other of your supporters, associates, and auto dealers have offshore companies that does hide millions so you do not have to pay taxes. More those companies to Florida,(jobs) pay your fair share of taxes to state of Florida and the federal gov.

Florida voters/consumers wake up. Stop believing in/following for smoke and mirrors. A con is a con is a con. Vern and his friends only act when the lobbies pay them to act. In short when it benefits them. You the voters do not have enough money to make up what thee lobbies put out. You do have forced accountability and your vote.

Duane Overholt Consumer Advocate
Connie Terhaar
12:52PM JAN 24TH 2013
Yes to the pipeline - Thank you Vern

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