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Conservative Senate Candidate Ron Rushing Takes Aim at Politicians

Conservative businessman Ron Rushing, a dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination to take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012, had a busy weekend, speaking to Fair Tax supporters in Sanford and redesigning his campaign website which is scheduled to launch this week.

Rushing took aim at elected officeholders, arguing that while they talk about change they do not deliver.

Its easy for career politicians already in this race with war chests full of your money to say they are the true conservative candidate who will change the direction in Washington, said Rushing on Monday. We heard this during the 2010 election.

He pointed to candidates who promised to back the Fair Tax or take on the federal health-care law backed by President Barack Obama -- and added nothing had been done on either front.

In 2010, citizen candidates were not elected and career politicians were, and the result is the same, added Rushing. No real change! The 2012 race is here and as a U.S. Senate candidate, I am breaking -- no, smashing -- the mold of the typical person who we send to Washington, D.C. Time after time we do the same thing and the result is the same: no real change. We must elect principled, loyal citizens who have personally owned and run businesses. We need people in D.C. who can create a budget and meet a payroll as I have done for well over 10 years.

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