Conservatives Continue Protest of TLC's 'All-American Muslim' Show

The Florida Family Association announced on Monday that another company has agreed not to run commercials during “All-American Muslim” on The Learning Channel.

Pernod Ricard USA -- which has run Kahlua ads during the show -- sent a letter to David Caton, the executive director of the FFA, in which it maintained it would not run any further ads on the show.

“You recently contacted Pernod Ricard USA regarding a complaint about our ‘support’ of 'All-American Muslim,' one of several TLC network shows that recently has aired our brand advertising. We appreciate that you have expressed your opinion and have noted your group’s concerns and relayed the inquiry to our marketing organization,” Jack Shea, the vice president of corporate communications for Pernod Ricard USA wrote Caton. “To clarify this matter, we don’t ‘support’ or express any opinion on the content of the TLC network shows which air our commercials (as part of an overall network advertising buy). However, our media-buying schedule indicates we have no further advertising on this specific show.”

Caton pointed to other successes as well in an email to supporters sent out on Monday. “Cumberland Packing (Sweet'n Low) and Home Depot also communicated that they would not advertise again during All-America Muslim,” Caton wrote. “Additionally, 18 companies which Florida Family Association supporters contacted regarding their advertisements during the first episode did not advertise again on any of the three subsequent episodes.”

Caton promised to send a new email on Tuesday “to report the companies that advertised on 'All-American Muslim' during the past week” and encouraged his supporters to write to those companies advertising on the show.

“'All-American Muslim' is propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values,” Caton wrote.
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Dana Mohamad
12:02PM DEC 10TH 2011
Why would we want a Kahlua commercial during All American Moslem. And if the organization feels we are a threat, they do not need to watch it. Bigots do not want to change. and they spew their hate through their words, but the hide behind Christianity to do it. DO they not remember what happened through out Centuries to any one they feared were different. All religions were persecuted for their beliefs. Are they going to be those modern day Persecutors for their fear, and the Moslems are the persecuted. They forget the values of america and the laws of the land. The constitution. they need to re-read it.

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