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Consumer Energy Alliance Backs Natural Gas Bill

The Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida is backing a bill -- Senate Bill 560, and its companion House Bill 579-- promoting the development and use of natural gas that was filed Friday by Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby,and Rep. Lake Ray, R-Jacksonville.

We are always encouraged when our elected officials are engaged in this important issue for our state and our nation, executive director of Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida, Kevin Doyle, stated in a release.

Florida depends heavily on natural gas for its electricity and industry, and we applaud all efforts to help promote this in our state.

Simpson pointed to reserves of recoverable domestic natural gas across the United States that could be used to power vehicles, reduce business expenses and spur the economy.

This legislation will jump-start the implementation of natural gas motor fuel in Florida and maximize its benefit through the implementation of a progressive tax structure and clearly outlined incentives, Simpson stated in a release.

Ray, a proponent of the states port system, added that Natural gas can play a significant role in Floridas initiative to increase trade and transportation mobility as a readily available, less costly, domestic, and environmentally friendly motor fuel source.

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