At CPAC, Jon Huntsman Reaches Out on Science, Civil Unions, Immigration

Jon Huntsman headed into the lion's den of CPAC Friday, and challenged orthodox conservatism.

In prepared remarks, the former Utah governor said:

"I believe in science -- including as it relates to evolution and climate change.

"I believe in civil unions, though I also support traditional marriage.

"I believe immigration is a human as well as an economic issue, and that children of illegal immigrants shouldn’t be punished for the sins of their parents."

Huntsman acknowledged that his views, which lean closer to libertarian thinking, clash with standard GOP doctrine -- especially in the atmosphere of super-heated primaries.

"I realize we may disagree on some of this," he said. "But in our party, we can disagree in some areas and still be united by our core beliefs: life, economic liberty, low taxes, balanced budgets, free markets, limited government.

"To win in 2012 and beyond, we must appeal to the tea party and to conservative Republicans. But we must also bring into the tent moderate Republicans, independents and yes, conservative Democrats."

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