Deluge of Absentee Ballots Could Swamp Romney's Rivals

Absentee ballots were on track to hit a Florida Republican presidential primary record Tuesday -- and that could be good news for Mitt Romney.

The 630,000 absentee ballots received before the weekend will likely swell to nearly 700,000 during final counting today, said Randy Nielsen, a GOP political consultant.

After all the votes are tallied, some 2 million ballots are expected to be cast in the presidential preference primary, compared with the 1.5 million votes in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.

"Early voting was pretty brisk," Nielsen said, adding that he expects the weekend mail to boost the absentee-ballot total by 10 percent.

"This is unprecedented from the August primary, and earlier presidential preference polls," Nielsen said.

Most political observers figure that the large percentage of absentee ballots will favor Mitt Romney, whose superior campaign organization has been beating the bushes for votes far longer than any of his rivals.

A new ARG poll found that 51 percent of Florida Republicans who voted early/absentee voted for the former Massachusetts governor.

Also helping Romney is a relatively high turnout of voters in South Florida, home of moderate Republicans.

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2:17PM JAN 31ST 2012
I think the RINO's are helping too. (Mostly those who changed party affiliation in order to vote in the primary.) And that Florida is a winner take all state. It'll be interesting to see the results.

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