Democratic Congressional Candidate Keith Fitzgerald Spokeswoman an X-Rated, Anti-Catholic Blogger?

Ana Maria Rosato, the communications director of U.S. congressional candidate Keith Fitzgerald, D - Sarasota, has a history of penning pornographic and anti-Catholic tirades at her blog "Sassy Political Insights".

In a May 1, 2012 entry, Rosato attributes conservative Republican social policy to so much pent-up sexual frustration. Here's just a sample:

Today’s Grand Ob/Gyn Party is obsessed with sex — mainly ensuring that the rest of us have the same apparently miserable sex lives that they themselves endure. Just look at them. Do they look happy? Do they look like they are being romanced and courted? Do they look like they have happy, fulfilling, fabulous-can’t-wait-to-get-to-my-honey relationships? Nope.

They sure seem like a cranky, irritable, miserable lot to me. They ain’t getting any lovin’, and they damned sure spend a lot of time devising ways to prevent the rest of us from happy lives and in particular, happy sexually fulfilling lives.

Look at the evidence. Republicans damned sure aren’t acting as if they routinely experience that kind of rip-your-clothes-off – as you – walk – through – the – door – can’t – w-a-i-t – to kiss – your lips – and feel – your hands – all – o-v-e-r – my body – that kind of physical – merging where pleasure, pure unadulterated pleasure takes over – where being – pleased – where pleasing – each other, taking-you-to-new-heights-of-sheer – can’t catch-my-breath – orgasmic ecstasy pulses through our veins – pure delight . . . . until . . . . ☺ oh yeah, baby.

Wait a sec . . . b-r-e-a-t-h-e . . .

The kind of sex I just described? You have to experience it to understand it, to understand the power and joy, the word-escaping orgasmic ecstasy of it all. How tragic that when it comes to that lovely ecstasy, Republicans act as if they have lived their entire lives never, ever, ever coming close. (Puns quite intended.)

Check out the colorful audio from Rosato's podcast, here.

In a June 8, 2012 entry, she writes:

Republicans hate women, immigrants, African Americans, firefighters, police officers, teachers, citizens who vote for Democrats, the poor, the middle class, anyone but each other. Republicans simply hate . . . hate . . . hate. I might feel sorry for them save for the fact that they are in positions of political power making life miserable for the rest of us. 

While I'm not a psychologist nor play one on TV, I do have a theory about what makes Republicans tick in such a hateful manner, and the biggest clue is with the dot that connects together what seems to be an extraordinary amount of their venom and time. That connecting dot is sex.

Sexually immature and frustrated, Repubicans lash out at everyone and everything. 

Finally, Rosato seems to be a staunch anti-Catholic. A June 14, 2012 entry regurgitates some of the worst polemics of traditional anti-Catholic nativism:

Throughout our own nation, the Republican Party leaders and elected officials continue to embrace fully and with great zeal their role as 21st Century Inquisitors hell-bent on returning to the days when the Catholic Church's twisted view on sex and government ruled the planet. Together these men work diligently to take our great nation back — allllll the way back to the Dark Ages: that time in history when the Catholic Church ruled the planet bringing violence to women — and the men who love and respect us. 

During the Dark Ages, the men of the Catholic Church marched throughout Europe using violence to expand its blatant power grab. . . .

The etymology of the word witch is "wise woman". These women were religious and community leaders whose role throughout Europe was revered and respected and whose power the Vatican decided to usurp by violent force and by death. 

First came the Vatican’s tongue slashing and trashing of these women by pretending that the women's wisdom was evil. Then, these Vatican inquisitors burned women at the stake claiming their wisdom in all manner of things from herbal cures to metaphysical mysteries was evil. The Catholic Church’s Inquisition was purely a power grab then just like what the Vatican is doing today to American nuns and to American women inside our nation’s political system: silence women and chain the men unless they swear obedience to the knuckle-draggin’ manhood of the Dark Ages.

Suffice it to say, none of these rants cited to any scholarship on psychology or medieval history.

Is it the position of the Fitzgerald campaign that Republicans and Republican-leaning voters are sex-frustrated, racist misogynists? That the worldview promoted by the Catholic Church -- to which some 24 percent of Americans, and a good number of Fitzgerald's would-be constituents, belong -- is hateful and destructive? 

Stay tuned to Sunshine State News as this story develops.
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Comments (4)

4:41PM OCT 1ST 2012
Ms Rosato's grasp of history and psychology is exactly what one would expect from the Gender Studies nonsense that passes for education these days: ideologically obsessed comic book narratives.

3:05PM OCT 1ST 2012
He has always been a radical leftie. This time, he got outed. Game over. This race is finished.
11:48AM OCT 2ND 2012
Of course, you must be right . . . if facts don't matter.

She was hired last Thursday (Sept 27) . . . and fired on Monday (Oct 1st) when these PAST statements became known to the campaign.

Yes, someone screwed up in the vetting . . . but these weren't the views expressed by the Fitzgerald campaign.

The only one getting outed was Ana Maria Rosato for making idiotic comments previously on her personal blog.

Perhaps you can check into a story next time before you make statements easily misproven.
Donna Swift
1:00PM OCT 1ST 2012
It's outrageous that this is the person Fitzgerald handpicked to speak for him. This right after he touts his Sandra Fluke endorsement... he has really taken a radical turn!

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