Democratic Campaign Launched Against Alex Sink

Democratic activist Michael Hussey over at Pushing Rope has created his own Facebook group looking to stop former state CFO Alex Sink from running for statewide office in the future.


“There is only one reason for Sink to still be sending out e-mails,” Hussey wrote after receiving an e-mail from Sink praising American forces for killing Osama bin Laden. “Sink is planning on running for statewide office again. This cannot be allowed to happen. Sink lost to the damaged goods known as Rick Scott. Sink had the strategy of blowing off South Florida for the red voting districts of the Panhandle. The result was Sink lost to the Republican that received less votes in the general election than the other GOP candidates. Rubio, Atwater, Bondi and Putnam all received more votes than Scott.


“I urge all progressive activists to stop Alex Sink from running for statewide office again," added Hussey. "This mission is imperative. Sink must be stopped. I have created the Facebook page ‘Stop Alex Sink.’  Join if you never want to see Sink on a statewide Democratic primary or general election ballot again.”


I’m not sure how large Hussey’s group will go -- or if the Democrats have a deep enough bench to block Sink if she chooses to run again. Still, it seems a little early to worry too much about 2014, and recent events clearly show that Florida politics can change in the blink of an eye. Who in 2007 would have predicted that Marco Rubio would be in the U.S. Senate and Rick Scott would be governor?

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