Democrats: Solution to Shootings? Make It Harder for Innocents to Defend Themselves

Daily Caller's got a nice round-up of leftist Twitterverse response to the heinous Connecticut shootings. The consensus of Democrat-voting reporters, elected officials, pundits and Hollywood performers? Make it harder for innocent people to defend themselves against psychos:

Roger Simon "I have only one question right now: Will President Obama use his political capital to take on the gun lobby in his second term?"

Michael Moore: "The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy."

Kirsten Powers: "Seems like the exact right day. RT @BrianHughesDC: 'I don't think today is that day,' WH's Carney says about calls for gun-control debate."

Wil Wheaton: "F--- the NRA and the cowardly politicians who refuse to do a single goddamn thing about gun violence in America."

Mia Farrow: "Gun control is no longer debatable- it's not a 'conversation'- It's a moral mandate."

Piers Morgan: "White House spokesman Jay Carney's right - today's not the day to debate gun control. YESTERDAY was the day to debate it."

For more, check out DC's story: "Liberals Immediately Blame NRA, Call for Gun Control After Elementary School Shooting"

Florida's Democrats, unfortunately, are not immune to this superstition -- i.e., the belief that posting the words "gun-free" do anything other than render law-abiding citizens sitting ducks. Democratic former state Rep. Chuck Chestnut, now an Alachua County commissioner, offered these pearls of wisdom:

"It’s really getting people to understand that there is an issue with guns, but then you have the Second Amendment that gives you the right to bear arms, so most folks in the state of Florida, even state legislators, like the second amendment …

"… probably the majority of the legislators currently in Tallahassee are probably inclined to support the National Rifle Association in terms of the right to bear arms, and to own a gun, and to carry a gun, and they’re probably going to support Stand Your Ground types of law, so it makes it very difficult to get people to see the other side that we’re also losing lives with guns and stuff like that. And you have people who are very responsible with guns and then you have those who aren’t so how do you legislate that?

"… How do you tell folks that these things are bad when they’re sort of isolated incidents? But these incidents like 20 people getting killed, that’s something very tragic and drastic that occurs … to have people begin to advocate that some of the laws are kind of bad because we will continue to have these kinds of losses in terms of lives, so really I think it basically boils down to lobbying your legislator about the issue and telling them where you think it's wrong."

And a fresh breath of sanity from Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala:

"... It really does put into question in my mind why are we creating these gun-free zones so that a person who’s irrational, who doesn’t care what your rules are, has a sterile target. He knows he can go into that environment and no one will be prepared to stop him. And it absolutely validates to me that this idea of gun control in a state where, in Connecticut, which has the strongest control laws in the nation. And then in China we have a same kind of serious incident, and it wasn’t even a firearm. It was a knife. He knifed over 22 children, whoever this deranged person (was). ..."


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1:30PM DEC 16TH 2012
Yes, Rep. Dennis Baxley, 22 children knifed in China . . . . except that just points out the difference with our gun culture . . . . those children and the villager attacked all lived . . . . unlike Sandy Hook and the use of a military style assault rifle with multiple shots into 6-year old children. . . . they couldn't survive that attack . . . .
11:06PM DEC 14TH 2012
Hardly 12 hours after mass murder and already you want to try and put partisan political spin on this . . . . we have more guns per capita than any country in the world . . . . perhaps if it ever personally affects you, you'll start to understand despite your closed mind . . . . . . . apparently Dennis Baxley and your "fresh breath of sanity" solution would have included being able to arm the kindergarden students to defend themselves . . . . . . that's how the "innocents will be able to defend themeselves", correct . . . . . . . . . .incredible . . . . . .

Pathetic . . . . .
Don Fanucci
11:48PM DEC 14TH 2012
Stupid leftist: it was the Democrats who politicized this, not Sunshine State News, which is just reporting the facts.

If you can't understand the difference between an adult and a child -- and why the former is entitled to a fullness of freedom that the latter isn't -- that speaks to your own inability to form a coherent thought.

What a pathetic moron. If you want to be defenseless, then make that decision for *your*self, not others, you filthy fascist pig.
11:58AM DEC 15TH 2012
What I'd expect from a fictional character . . . who ends up being killed in a hit from Vito

Can't even get your politics correct . . . leftist . . .fascist . . . .I guess I'm just everything you aren't . . . . human and real . . . .

Also, curious, how this fictional commentor with a foul mouth (whose initials D.F. are only one off from E.G.) keeps turning up overwhelmingly on articles written by Eric Giunta . . . . . . coincidential? . . . . .stalking? . . . . .

Pathetic . . . . .
Don Fanucci
5:16PM DEC 15TH 2012
Fascism is absolutely a left-wing ideology, a species of non-Marxist socialism that despises both free markets and cultural traditionalism.

Secondly, *I'm* the stalker? *You're* the one who wakes up every morning to visit a conservative news site you obviously despise with every fiber of your being, for the sole purpose of launching personal attacks against its writers and any other right-of-center figure or cause they cover, just so you can repeat your stupid mantras ("Pathetic," "Big Lie," etc).

You're either a pathetic, unloved loser, or someone getting paid by the Democrats to intimidate readers -- actually, either way you're a pathetic, unloved loser. Creatures like you should not be allowed to vote.
2:57AM DEC 16TH 2012
Keep it up . . . it's all helping in my sentence structure analysis . . .be paranoid . . . . funny how these fictional characters on this website keep utilizing identical phrases . . . makes one wonder where exactly they're coming from . . . . must be getting on someone's nerves, the rhetoric is increasingly desperate . . . . and how would you even know I often look at SSN in the morning unless you've been keeping track of my movements here on SSN (I believe that's called stalking) . . . . most of these comments here have been made at night . . . . you can't even lie convincingly . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .

Oh, and chew on this . . . . I did vote . . . and my side won . . . .every one . . . even the three state supreme court justices that SSN went after . . . . .

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