Dennis Ross Joins Ron Paul in Calling for Social Security Tax Repeal

Freshman Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross announced on Thursday that he was going to co-sponsor a measure introduced by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, that would repeal taxes on Social Security benefits.

Paul has been fighting for the Senior Citizens' Tax Elimination Act and the Social Security Beneficiaries’ Tax Reduction Act -- repealing a tax imposed on Social Security benefits implemented in 1993 -- for the better part of a decade in the U.S. House.

“To me, It does not make sense to tax income that has already been earned and taxed,” explained Ross on Thursday. “It is the essence of double taxation and makes no sense. Not to mention, in years when seniors do not get COLAs, eliminating their taxes would be more than the COLA.  I am proud to join Rep. Paul in this endeavor. Our seniors have paid taxes on income, paid Social Security taxes for the benefit, and currently shoulder the burden of this administration's illogical energy policy and government takeover of health care and the higher prices that go with it. I hope many more join us in this and benefit our greatest generation.”
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