DNC Boss Wasserman Schultz to Keynote Muslim Group's Fundraiser

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be the keynote speaker at the annual fundraising banquet of a Muslim group with some controversial connections.

EMERGE USA -- which is aligned with the Florida-based Center for Voter Advocacy -- is headed by Khurrum Wahid, a South Florida attorney. According to the Florida Bar, Wahid “has defended individuals charged with allegedly committing or conspiring to commit acts of terrorism.”

According to the organization’s mission statement, “EMERGE [Empowering Motivating Educating Resourceful Grassroots Entities] aims to politically empower and train its constituents to be effective community organizers and work in coalitions to advance beneficial policies and legislation that help protect and enforce the rights afforded by the United States Constitution.”

Critics of EMERGE say a Wahid-led banquet is an odd venue for Wasserman Schultz, a Jewish congresswoman from Fort Lauderdale, to be breaking Halal bread with on April 21.

Among other connections, Wahid has spoken at an event sponsored by the American arm of the South Asian Muslim Brotherhood (Jamaat-e-Islami) and the Islamic Circle of North America, an organization that has been connected to the financing of both al-Qaida and Hamas.

"Wasserman Schultz likes to flaunt her Jewish identity and false pro-Israel persona, but how can she begin to do so when the organization she will be addressing maintains staff who display animosity toward the Jewish state?" asks Joe Kaufman, a Republican candidate seeking to unseat the Democrat in the 23rd Congressional District.
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10:24AM AUG 14TH 2012
There is not one thing democratic about The Democrat Political Party. The Democrat Political Party has morphed into an instrument of poverty, oppression, and death. The Democrat enclaves of Detroit Michigan and Chicago Illinois are death camps; California & New York state are fiscal wrecks. Wherever the Democrat is in power there is poverty, oppression and death. It is time for reform. The only people who thrive in the Democrat Political Party are elected officials and unionized bureaucrats who pass laws and devise crooked rules & regulations to milk more dues & taxes. The dues & taxes are then used to elect more Democrats and hire more bureaucrats who pass more 'laws' and write more rules to enslave those of us who are NOT well-connected Democrats. What Democrats practice now are the same practices Vladimir Lenin & Josef Stalin used against the Russian people. Lenin & Stalin lied and promised Russians a more prosperous life. What did the Russians get instead? Poverty, oppression and death. Repudiate the Democrat Political Party & defeat them overwhelmingly on November 6th 2012. Democrats are enemies of liberty, justice and prosperity for all.
3:11PM MAR 29TH 2012
This woman is a whacko liberal braindead airhead. Her best friend is Valerie Jarrett confidant of Barack Obama and friend to the Chicago side Community Watch! We all know now about how this group was chumy in the good ole' days money flowing like a fountain from Our HOuse to Your House for your little flower parties and weeds circulating around with Bill Ayers who practically took the young Obama and radicalized him. paid for his Harvard Educ. so he would be preped for the DEMOCRATIC BID FOR PREZ. Well the ol' boy did alright, but his grades are sealed so can't share that tidbit of info. right? Anyways we all got the short end of the stick and Debbie Schultz got stuck with her idol and became an ardant fan and was there for all the parties being held into the middle of the AM! Oh. well another story for another time!
Dennis Sarpen
11:02AM MAR 4TH 2012
What do Schultz's constituents think about this? There are a lot of Jewish voters in Florida. Are they speaking up?
Neil Macdonald
11:22PM FEB 29TH 2012
One thing for sure Debbie in a burkah would be a vast improvement. Then if we could persuade her to gag herself peace would ring thoughout the land. She just has to be the dems worst nightmare... she can barely put a sentence together without conflating herself... Glad she does what she does...
10:17PM FEB 29TH 2012
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Kenite.
7:31PM FEB 29TH 2012
Why is she talking to the pres's buddies ? These people want to kill all of us. They want to overthrow this country.
A ficalora
4:26PM MAR 2ND 2012
I agree with you 100%, just read the book, because they hate us.... scary stuff!!!
7:19PM FEB 29TH 2012
This sounds like consorting with a group that doesn't have the best interest of this country in their venue.
Common Sense
3:44PM FEB 29TH 2012
She should get a very friendly reception. After all, she will be speaking to Obama's people.
Mari Jo
3:11PM FEB 29TH 2012
Wasserman Schuktz is a liar and proves it every time she opens her mouth. How nice to cozy up to the Muslims. Her heritage must nolt be very important to her. Every time she does speak it is something nasty about anyone who does not agree with her "Left Wing Radical Views"
Mari Jo
3:08PM FEB 29TH 2012
This Wasserman Schultz is a typical "left wing radical" consorting with Muslims, and won't her family be proud. She is a "liar" every time she speaks and makes divisive comments about anyone who does not agree with her "left wing radical" views. Anylne who thinks that the Muslims don't, want to take over this Country are kidding themselves, because they have said they will use Our Constitution to do it.
Robert Head
2:50PM FEB 29TH 2012
How low can a person sink? Take a look at this frizzy haired freak.
2:18PM FEB 29TH 2012
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a pig.
Brian U'Ren
2:13PM FEB 29TH 2012
Every word from Schultz mouth is garbage. I watched her on FOX this morning trying to write history on her previous attacks on Bush for high gas prices with the "Bubble Doll".. Nothing surprises me with this person. She is a professional spin Doctor. If the USA votes again for Obama you deserve what you get.
2:50PM FEB 29TH 2012
I wouldn't even call this moron a professional!
9:47AM FEB 29TH 2012
Great news, March is burn a Koran day all over America
7:32PM FEB 29TH 2012
9:31AM FEB 29TH 2012
Listen I will be attending the Raghead convention and when over taking Debbie does Dallas home for a spanking all night in delight. Gotta love the lies she spills, actually better than the Failed President...
7:34PM FEB 29TH 2012
Evy Rosebrook
1:16AM FEB 29TH 2012
Maybe they will serve ham.
Edward l griffitts
1:14AM FEB 29TH 2012
Everytime a rocket or bomb goes off in Israel an a child is killed I hope you think about the money you raised .some of it may have paid for the rocket or the bomb that did the killing,and hope you remember it the rest of you life. Because the child won 't have one.
David Brown
12:34AM FEB 29TH 2012
Jeff- your rant about 'Kaufman' doesn't address the legitimate question he asked. There is deception going on within the white house and attempts by the media and people such as yourself to divert attention away from these issues say a lot about the integrity of the Democratic party.
Whether you or any lawyer like it or not, and no matter how much political spin that's put forth over a lawyer defending individuals plotting to commit and/or have committed acts of terrorism, it doesn't go over well when the individuals they are defending aren't American citizens who want Americans dead including women and children. Each day in court,,there are 50% of the greedy lawyers telling the truth and 50% of the greedy lawyers who are lying, distorting manipulating and spinning.
2:49PM FEB 28TH 2012
Why would you quote such a discredited 'candidate' and noted Anti-Muslim bigot like Kaufman? He made a fool of himself on The Daily Show, and the Broward Republican establishment has been distancing themselves from anything having to do with the guy. Asking him to comment on this is like asking the KKK guy even the Klan pushes around to talk about Rev. MLK. You guys are supposed to be a somewhat real news agency. Gimme a break.

And since when is it a bad thing to be a criminal defense attorney? Yes, Mr. Wahid represents some of the worst of the worst - but you know what? Someone has to do it. Would you feel the same way about those lawyers who volunteer to represent GITMO detainees in the military tribunals? EVERYONE has the right to a lawyer. The Lawyer shouldn't be ostracized for doing his job. Does Mark Geragos get ostracized because he represented some of the worst criminal defendants in the nation (before the dawn of terrorism trials)? NO. Nor should he.

Have a LITTLE respect for the system and those of us who work diligently for all who are entitled to competent representation and a fair trial.
Kevin Cerino
3:52PM MAR 1ST 2012
Kaufman was the first person to raise this issue, so he should get some credit for Wasserman Schultz cancelling her appearance: go to red broward dot com an read all about it.
9:34AM FEB 29TH 2012
Yes I remember Holder the Race Baiter and his firm represented GITMO detainees and recommended RICH's The Felon Criminal pardon for the profoundly Disgraced and Impeached President Clinton...
David Brown
12:40AM FEB 29TH 2012
The detainees and anyone else who isn't a citizen caught committing or plotting an act of terrorism should be put before a military tribunal. But I would expect the same as what we got when Obama took office, cowering and back patting. Lawyers crying foul and Democrats and union bosses go hand in hand.

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