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DNC Member Jon Ausman Wants Former Gov. Bob Graham to Broker Crist-Meek Dropout Deal

Jon Ausman, a member of the Democratic National Committee, sees no path to victory for either Democrat Kendrick Meek or independent Gov. Charlie Crist in their race for U.S. Senate. Both are currently way behind Republican Marco Rubio in the polls. In order to prevent the most conservative candidate from taking the seat, Ausman wants one of the others to drop out of the race. His ideal solution would be for former Gov. Bob Graham to negotiate either Crist's or Meek's exit from the race.

"Clearly 55 percent of voters are opposed to Marco Rubio as governor. I think the best thing would be to have (former Governor) Bob Graham broker something between (Crist) and Meek," Ausman said.

Speaking Friday at a press conference to boost Democratic candidates across the state, Ausman called on one of the two lagging candidates to fall on his sword for the other.

"One of them's got to be the adult and say, 'I'm going to support the other guy,'" Ausman said.

He also touted Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink as a check and balance on Florida's Republican Legislature, and warned that Rick Scott's plan to cut 7 percent of state employees would hurt Leon County's economy.

"If you want any chance of moderation, debate, dialogue and discussion, you're going to have to have Alex Sink as governor," he said.

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