Economist: BP Money Should Soon Strengthen Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa County should soon see its economy strengthen by the fines from the BP spill that ruined the 2010 tourism season, an economist told the county commission.

The Office of Economic Development and Engagement, which reviews submissions for the incentive program that was part of the $30 million in economic development allocations Gov. Rick Scott approved last year from the BP money, has about 15 projects it is working on, said Rick Harper, director of the University of West Florida’s Office of Economic Development and Engagement, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

The incentives are designed to help convince a business to open, relocate or expand in northwest Florida.

 “I’m happy to report that Santa Rosa County has been very active in presenting us with projects that include the use of existing facilities in the county and some attractive new businesses that are located in both the central part of the county and the southern part of the county,” Harper said, the Daily News reported.

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