An Endorsement with a Real Bite: Dentists Back Pam Bondi for AG

The Florida Dental Political Action Committee (FLADPAC) announced on Tuesday that they were backing Republican candidate Pam Bondi for attorney general.

“Dentistry is a vital part of the health-care system that impacts all families in the state of Florida,” said FLADPAC chairman Dr. Gerald Bird whose organization contains more than 7,000 dentists. “For nearly 20 years, Pam Bondi has been working to protect Florida’s families and children and make our state safer. As attorney general, Pam will keep fighting for our families and our state, and we are proud to offer her our support.”

“Florida needs an attorney general who will make protecting the safety, jobs and rights of our citizens the top priorities, and I am committed to carrying out those important responsibilities,” said Bondi. “I am honored to have the support of the Florida dentists, and I look forward to representing them as Florida’s next attorney general.”

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This dix
4:21PM OCT 12TH 2010
Florida Dental Political Action Committee is falling for the Pam Bondi line that she can stop healthcare coverage from taking effect and that she should be elected at the attorney general because of this rouse.

As the attorney general, she is powerless to do anything but execute the laws of Florida and the United States.

If she wishes to change the laws she should run for the legislature.

Pam Bondi is not a credible candidate for attorney general.

Insofar as a candidate for attorney general her CV is limited at best. She is not the better candidate and greedy dentist should not allow their greed for medical payments to blur their analysis of what is best for Florida.

Vote for Dan Gelber, vote for Florida's future!
3:52PM OCT 12TH 2010
I like this a lot. They are backing her because she has pretty teeth and a great smile. No one is fooled on this one. The fact that she is a top notch attorney with years of experience really should not matter for this endorsement. Great job Pam!

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