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Everett Wilkinson Implosion Continues as Tea Rally II Evaporates at Capitol

Thursday's tea party rally at the old Capitol was a pale imitation of Tuesday's exercise.

Indeed, to call it a rally is charitable when only 45 people showed up -- and 10 of those folks were hired band members.

But the limp "StandWithFlorida" gathering shouldn't be considered a black eye for tea partiers at large because it was orchestrated by Everett Wilkinson, who long ago burned his bridges with most serious members of the movement.

Wilkinson had an opportunity to participate in the "Save Our State" rally on Tuesday. But he petulantly did his own thing -- and was left standing virtually by himself today. His efforts to belatedly jump on the Rick Scott bandwagon haven't fooled anyone, it appears.

Wilkinson remained unavailable for comment.

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