FEA Backs Meek and Crist...and Gelber and Aronberg

Both Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist will be able to claim a victory this weekend. While the AFL-CIO endorsement will be coming out tomorrow, the Florida Education Association endorsed both men for the U.S. Senate--an interesting development that rewards Crist for vetoing SB6, could help nudge Meek up in the polls where he trails both Crist and Republican Marco Rubio and ties the hands of one of the largest unions in the state.

"Teachers know who their lifelong fighter and supporter is, and today's endorsement is but another step in our strong relationship," said Meek. "It is always humbling to be supported by any organization, but teachers are family to me, and it's an honor to receive your embrace. Let us work hard together and claim victory for all Floridians in November."

This was not the only race where the FEA co-endorsed two candidates. They also backed both Dan Gelber and Dave Aronberg for attorney general--providing neither of those South Florida Democrats an advantage over the other in a tight primary contest.


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