Florida Businesses May Still Be Eligible for BP Claims

Many Florida businesses may still be due a piece of the BP spill settlement, Patrick Juneau, the court-appointed claims administrator for the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center, told the Florida Cabinet on Wednesday.

“We have already sent out $1.7 billion,” Juneau said.

“There is not much subjectivity in what we’re asking for, if you give us what we’re asking for. If you fall within the definition of that claim, we will process your claim and see that you get paid. But you have to give us the essential documentation,”

Business owners can visit the center’s website to determine if they are eligible, Juneau said.

The center has paid out $1.26 billion to people and businesses in five Gulf Coast states as of Jan. 18, of which $245,895 has gone to Florida businesses, from the Deepwater Horizon spill. 

A total of 34,185 claims involving the Deepwater Horizon spill, better known as the BP spill, have been submitted from Florida.

Another $405,046 has been paid out under the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

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Chris Nielsen
6:31PM JAN 23RD 2013
People need to be aware that almost anyone that can show they were in the areas affected by the oil spill and who suffered financially, even if they still made a profit that year, can still file a claim with BP. If your business grew every year before the spill and then stop growing, that is a loss that may be eligible under the new settlement. You may need a law firm's help to sort out what happened and the documentation needed to prove it, but if you feel you were hurt by the spill you should talk to people and get some free advice. I would hate to see $1 dollar that BP has put up not get claimed because people don't think they can file or they don't understand the rules.

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