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Florida Carry to Host Gun Rights Conference in Tampa

Florida Carry, a statewide gun rights group, will host the 31st Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa in September.

Florida Carry describes the event as a "chance to network, get an insider look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year."

Past GRPCs have outlined plans for pro-gun groups to secure victory with legislation.

This year, the conference will discuss several hot button issues like city gun bans, concealed carry, federal legislation, and gun show regulation.T

The full speaker roster has not yet been set, but some of the former speakers at the conference have included conservative activist Alan Gottlieb, Joseph Tartaro and executive president Wayne LaPierre among many others. 

The conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton from Sept. 23-25. 


The GRPC is free to attend and you can register for free at the following link: We hope to see you there!!

Proud Member Of Florida Carry

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Someone explain to us why Florida Carry, an organization which claims to support Open Carry, is hosting Alan Gottlieb's annual conference given that Gottlieb is the second most powerful opponent of Open Carry behind the National Rifle Association?

Because he is one person out of hundreds of gun rights leaders that will be there and he does not set the agenda nor does he speak for all of the other gun rights supporters. SO having a conference of gun rights support leaders has nothing to do with his opinion on open carry. It has everything to do with networking, sharing information, and planning actions to help forward the rights of the Citizens of the US and especially Florida. That's why. Florida Carry Inc. supports and defends the rights of the citizens of the State of Florida, is responsible for more legal action and legislative action than any other group, including the NRA in Florida. So your comment about why is simple, because he is not the conference nor is it about him.

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