Florida CFO Jeff Atwater’s Mother’s Day Message

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater released the following message for Mother's Day:

“President Ronald Reagan said, 'From our mothers, we first learn about values and caring and the difference between right and wrong.' Each of us has a mother, grandmother or someone who is like a mother in our lives who guides and shapes our character. My mother instilled those very important character-building qualities in me, just as my wife, Carole, does with our four children. A mother’s strength lifts us up when we feel as if we can go no further, and her love inspires us to achieve the seemingly impossible. She encourages us to aim high, take the right path and exemplify what it means to be a good citizen.

“On Sunday, we celebrate generations of tenacious mothers who have guided our great nation to what it is today. The history of this holiday speaks volumes about how integral mothers have been in the shaping of our nation. Having witnessed the destruction of the Civil War, writer and activist Julia Ward Howe called upon the mothers of both the North and South to protest further bloodshed between their sons. In her Mother’s Day Proclamation of 1870, she called for an international Mother’s Day celebrating peace and motherhood. It wasn’t until President Woodrow Wilson’s proclamation in 1914 that the second Sunday in May was officially designated as Mother’s Day.

“Although we dedicate one day to the admiration and celebration of mothers, let us remember to show them our appreciation and love every day. To all the mothers who fill our lives with joy and who make this world a better place, I wish you a blessed day.”

Read a full list of Mother's Day message right now in Sunshine State News.

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Sally Price
7:57AM MAY 12TH 2012
CFO Jeff Atwater needs to give all mothers in Florida the ultimate Mother's Day Gift. Make the legislation go away you sneaked in a change on at the last minute that "keeps taking forever" from citizens already struggling and gives Progress Energy and FPL what in my opinion is the right to steal from these citizens (customers). Mothers who can't afford to even raise their kids each month are penalized by the power companies using your "pre-construction fees" that you proposed and changed at the last minute that fooled many of our elected representatives to vote for that will never go away forever. " These millons of dollars collected yearly by these highly rewarded stock owned companies that they get to keep even if they don't build should be against the law. Look at the stock dividends they pay their holders... and now the citizens will probably pay millions for the repairs on the Crystal River Nuke delamination fiasco where when the crack was found in the containment building PE tried to save dollars and do their own repair without engineers who knew how to do this. Now we pay for their errors...Shame on you Jeff, you should not even be in a government office in my opinion.

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