Florida Family Association Claims Another Coup as Kodak Stops 'DeGrassi' Ads on Teen Nick

The Florida Family Association (FFA) claimed another victory on Wednesday when David Caton announced that, after receiving e-mails from FFA members, Kodak pulled the plug on sponsoring “DeGrassi: The Next Generation” on Teen Nick. The FFA targeted DeGrassi due to, as Caton put it in an e-mail sent out on Oct. 27 to his supporters, the show “targets teens with gay propaganda and other immoral behavior.”

“Teen Nick boasted that Kodak was the sponsor of their show 'DeGrassi: The Next Generation' and aired dozens of their advertisements just before Kodak received thousands of e-mails regarding the program’s irresponsible content,” wrote Caton on Wednesday. “Kodak was the most frequent advertiser on DeGrassi just before Florida Family Association’s Oct. 27 e-mail alert was released.  Additionally, Teen Nick labeled Kodak as a ‘sponsor’ of several episodes during that same time.

“Kodak officials received thousands of e-mails,” continued Caton. “Kodak has not advertised during the past week. Clearly it appears that Kodak pulled their advertisements from this program after receiving thousands of e-mails from Florida Family Association supporters.”


Officials from Kodak are insisting that they stopped ads as part of a "planned pause" in their schedule and will run ads on DeGrassi again next week.

The FFA is taking aim at other companies besides Kodak that sponsor the show. Go here for more information.

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7:00AM NOV 13TH 2010
Get your heads out of the sand, FFA.
3:27PM NOV 12TH 2010
FFA = America's Taliban. They're not worthy of our attention.
Rocky Lore
1:30AM NOV 13TH 2010
Liberals are the American Taliban. They are anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and pro-Sharia.
4:01PM NOV 13TH 2010
It's going to be so wonderful when your generation is dead.
7:56AM NOV 12TH 2010
Honestly, as a teenager, Degrassi is an awesome show. It talks about and even helps with problems that teens may go through. I don't get FFA and other haters. I guess they just want to sheleter their kids from this show, but a lot of people find a role model and stuff. If they don't want to watch it, they shouldn't watch it then & make commets about it.
4:09PM NOV 11TH 2010
Hi all-
Beth from Kodak here. Our new 'So Kodak' advertising campaign, featuring Rihanna, Trey Songz, Pitbull and Drake (who--we know!--started his career on Teen Nick), will continue to run on Degrassi. What you're seeing is a planned pause in our media schedule. We'll be back on next week, so keep an eye out for us!

Chief Listener at Kodak
4:04PM NOV 11TH 2010
GET REAL PEOPLE. You can either shelter your children and make like these things aren't going on in the world, or OPEN YOUR EYES. We're in the year 2010 here, get with the program!!! Ignorance is NOT bliss. Let's educate and teach ACCEPTANCE of all types of people instead of HATE. HATE is immoral.
3:19PM NOV 11TH 2010
Degrassi is a disgusting show that has only gotten more corrupt with each season. If teens have questions about the types of issues they feature on this show, they should seek their answers from their parents or people who can provide real knowledge on the subject. Degrassi makes all these issues look glamorous & like all teenagers are experiencing this kind of crap, it's totally normal. I used to watch Degrassi when it first started out but had to stop because it's become too perverted. Abortion, rape, lying, stealing, school-shootings are not what should make up your teenager's prime time television show. When I was younger my mother told me I couldn't watch it, but I would sneak-watch it whenever I could. Now that I'm a little older I understand why she wouldn't let me watch it, and I would absolutely not let my kids watch it either.
3:26PM NOV 12TH 2010
Uh, all those topics are real and happen at schools. A few I can guarantee occur in your local schools. Kids are in many cases NOT going to come to you for advice on them and they're also learning to create their own opinions. You are freaking out for no reason. You admit right here that you would "sneak-watch" what wasn't permitted, so face it -- your kids will see and do whatever they want and more opinions and ideas only help them make those choices.
7:38PM NOV 11TH 2010
BY THE WAY, nowhere in my comment did I say the show should be taken off air. I simply stated I wouldn't let MY kids watch it. I'm also not preaching hate, if you actually read my comment before you got so worked up because I used the word 'disgusting', you would notice I didn't even address the fact they have gay themes on the show. I think that's the one issue they actually handle well. But I guess disgusting bitches that couldn't POSSIBLY have any idea what they're talking about don't have a right to an opinion do they?
7:20PM NOV 11TH 2010
You know what's disgusting, is that you think degrassi is inappropriate even though it helps a lot of teens today. All the things that they do on degrassi actually happens in real life and they do not glorify it. The most that they glorify is the amount of free time they have. Of you want to take something off the air for things that are not really but glorified, take off shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, or Sonny With a Chance, or Icarly, or True Jackson Vp because those are stuff that are glorified. All the stuff on those shows don't happen in real life and no one can relate to. You want to take down the realest show to the way high school is. I bet you that some teens watch Degrassi to know that what they are going through is not only happening to them. Teens know that the situations can happen and they have a choise to do what they want. And Degrassi is not telling everyone to be gay, it shows the life of a football player who is gay but is afraid to tell everyone that and many dudes feel like that. Watch all of Degrassi and you will realize that Degrassi is real life and not 100% fiction. And its spelled DEGRASSI and not DeGrassi because that is something completely different.
7:45PM NOV 11TH 2010
Yeah that's a great idea, take down the only shows not promoting sex, drugs, and all the other [filtered word] that's on Degrassi. God forbid there are still children's television shows that have morals! Hell, who cares that the demographic for the shows you just listed are mostly middle-school kids. They need to grow up and get real! Send 'em all over to Degrassi, 'it's soooo goes there'.
7:09AM NOV 12TH 2010
I agree with both of you guys in some ways. First, Degrassi is actually a great informational television show, alot of teens who are questioning their sexuality may not be open just yet about discussing this, Degrassi is just showing them they can be open about it and that the world isn't full of LGBT-bashers. The fact that they cover this issue is amazing like you said, as you rarely see that in a lot of teen shows(besides Glee). Secondly, shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, ICarly, Sonny With a Chance, etc. are more aimed at the younger kids, they don't need to get rid of those shows. They cover some great issues in all those shows, as does Degrassi. If parents should have a problem with the fact that Degrassi shows real situations, and don't sugar-coat it, then they should also realize they have a v-chip installed in their television sets that allows them to set what limits/ratings/channels they want their kids to watch. Also in the top-left hand corner when the episodes start there is ALWAYS a PG rating, parental guidance, if you were really concerned about your kids watching these shows, then block that channel. No reason to whine because you watched one scene where there was a guy talking about drugs and you changed the channel automatically judging the whole aspect of the show is about drugs, if you had watched the whole episode you would have realized that the focus of it was that drugs are being circulated around to high school kids, real kids, your children. Degrassi viewers learn and understand the dangers and terrible consequences associated with drug abuse during this particular episode. I, myself, have actually learned quite a bit from watching Degrassi, they are not afraid to show the world what high school life is actually like. Oh and never have I ever seen an episode where they 'promoted' sex and drugs, but if you would like an example of a show that does that, check out Gossip Girl. I know, for sure that high school is not about a girl who lives a double life, its not about a girl who is a wizard, its not about a girl who has her own tv show. Its about real high school, you know, the kind that actually EXISTS.
4:34PM NOV 11TH 2010
WOW! ur really stupid if that's wat u think disgusting is just cause you haven't weren't threw these issues doesn't mean other people haven't if teens don't speak out to their parents or friends about their problem its probably cause they feel trap Degrassi teaches us how to come about are problems and how to speak out about it and how is rape perverted yeah maybe the person who does it but Degrassi has never had a character rape someone else they show the people who have to go threw the pain inside and out cause of rape so get with the freaking program.. I strongly believe that because we have shows like Degrassi we can explore new experience and see the freaking consequences and why is it that your only trying to point out the negatives of Degrassi I may self I'm a teen & I can honestly say that I have grown as a person thanks to Degrassi
4:25PM NOV 11TH 2010
Seriously? Taking away Degrassi is not going to leave us kids in the dark. What Degrassi exposes us to is real life situations: sexuality, relationships, ect. And yes, there are teens who do go through this kind of stuff. And for the record, they don't really 'glamourize' the situations, they actually show how difficult they can be. If you think this show should be taken off because its unrealistic and unrelateable, then they should also remove the bubbly Disney shows they put up there. Pretty sure im not a teen popstar living a double life.
Don't think that because were young, that we don't have minds of our own and will go do whatever the television tells us to do.
4:23PM NOV 11TH 2010
You disgust me! Do you not think that those issues are real and can't happen to anyone of ANY age?? Maybe you need to grow up and get booted into the real world because you're disgusting to think that kids can't watch this tv show about what can really happen to someone. They make their issues real. It's not one person with a million problems. Hope your fantasy land crashes really fast and you find out that your world isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Kids also know that those kids are ACTORS. Divorce, rape, being gay or lesbian, sex, abortion, break ups, cheating, theft, bullying, school shootings, drugs... ALL REAL. Ask those who have experienced it and suffered through it. Maybe you'll stop being such a bitch. Hope your kids rent the seasons of it just to spite you and learn about the real world since they will probably be sheltered freaks.
7:28PM NOV 11TH 2010
Haha my fantasy land? I've been through a lot of things you just listed, so I can speak as someone who HAS experienced it AND suffered through it. I damn well know what people can go through at different ages thank you very much, since I started going through [filtered word] things when I was nine years old. Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge someone you don't know. I won't shelter my children from all the realities they have to face in this world, but I'm certainly NOT going to promote any of the [filtered word] they do on this show. If I can protect my kids from the ugliness this world has to offer, you can bet your ass I will. But on the things I can't, and the things they have questions about, I'm not going to tell them to go watch a television show to get the answers. But what do I know right? I'm just a bitch that disagrees with a teenage television show, oh the horror!
Jimmy Fury
8:27PM NOV 12TH 2010
Ironic that you talk about all of the ugliness in the world yet your post has so much profanity...
12:17AM NOV 12TH 2010
Degrassi is a Great show with great meaning if you take the time to watch it. I agree it may not be for younger kids, but as they grow older it shows good examples of how the real world can be.
You keep saying constantly that you want to protect your kids and that is understandable. But what if they could see how you are talking to the other people on this? Do you think that is something worth promoting? dirty language and disrespect for others.. I think that is something you need to think about as a mother. If you don't want your kids to grow up being misfits, maybe you need to start by being a better example yourself.
3:48PM NOV 11TH 2010
Would you make your children live in a bubble? You are an idiot if you believe your children will not come across rape, abortion, lying or stealing as teenagers in their personal lives.
I can't
2:32PM NOV 11TH 2010
I'm so disgusted. How dare they!
Just the thought of them pulling their sponsorship because there's gay people on the show is completely disgusting to me.
A person
1:47PM NOV 11TH 2010
They are really dumb.
Do they not know that Degrassi EDUCATES TEENS on those issues
They even have PSA's for so many episodes with hotline numbers and websites.
Now If the show gets canceled, the world loses the ONLY teen show that actually educates teens rather than it being there for solely entertainment purposes.
11:13AM NOV 11TH 2010
This is complete bull. Degrassi touches base on all the different struggles teens across the world face on a daily basis. They obviously don't know anything about Degrassi, or there would be no problem. Yes, there are gay teens, dangerous situations, and even a teenage hoarder. But these are things that some poor kids face everyday. The show doesn't promote anything besides awareness and good entertainment. A KODAK camera will never be owned by myself, or my family ever again.
10:01AM NOV 11TH 2010
I bet the people angerly emailing Kodak and never seen the show. They are tools!

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